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William Curtis

NameWilliam Curtis     descendant tree, etc
Bornabout 1846  (source: England & Wales Census)
Married (1) Bridget Garland 
Married (2) Sarah Elizabeth Spencer 
Buried05 Sep 1903  at Desborough  age 57y  (source: Northamptonshire Parish Records: Northamptonshire Family History Society)

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

1871 Census : Northampton, St Peter, Northamptonshire
164Census date: 2 April 1871
William CurtisHead Mar 25 Leather Cutter ClickerNorthampton 
Bridah CurtisWife Mar 23 Northampton 
William CurtisSon 2 ScholarNorthampton 
Anne E CurtisDaur 3m Northampton 

1881 Census

1891 Census : Belgrave, Leicestershire
363Ratcliffe St no. 3Census date: 1 April 1891
William CurtisHead Widr 44 Clicker ShoeNorthampton 
William CurtisSon S 22 Clicker ShoeNorthampton 
Annie E CurtisDaur S 20 Hosier MenderNorthampton 
James W CurtisSon 14 ClickerNorthampton 
John C CurtisSon 12 Coal BoyNorthampton 
Ada B CurtisDaur 10 ScholarNorthampton 
Florence E CurtisDaur 6 ScholarNorthampton 
Frederick E CurtisSon 4 ScholarBelgrave  Leicestershire

1901 Census: Desborough
30High St no. 45Census date: 31 March 1901
William CurtisHead M 55 Boot Clicker, workerNorthampton  Northamptonshire
Sarah E CurtisWife M 29 Ainsworth  Lancashire
Florence E CurtisDaur S 17 Shoe Machinist, workerNorthampton  Northamptonshire
Frederick C CurtisSon S 13 Boot Clicker, workerLeicester  Leicestershire
Edith L CurtisDaur 7 Desborough 
Maud B CurtisDaur 6 Desborough 
Frank H CurtisSon 5 Desborough 
Edith C CurtisDaur 3 Desborough 
Beatrice CurtisDaur 2 Desborough 
Hilda M CurtisDaur 5m Desborough 

1907 (non census address/occupation)
Desborough, Northamptonshiresource: Northamptonshire Parish Records: Northamptonshire Family History Society
William Curtis57 Residence at time of death: 45 High St.

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