Alice Hester Hornsby

Inquest, 6th October 1904

INQUEST.—An inquest was held at the Angel Inn, Desborough, on Thursday morning by Mr. J. Cairns Parker, deputy coroner, to inquire into the death of Alice Hester Hornsby, who died on Wednesday morning.

—Minnie Hester Hornsby, 27, Union-street, Desborough, the wife of Frederick Levi Hornsby, clicker, said the body was that of her daughter, aged four months. On Tuesday night she went to bed at ten o'clock, and took the deceased with her. She seemed very poorly that evening and coughed a good deal. She had been very delicate since birth, and had been attended by the doctor. The deceased was lying on her right arm on the outside of the bed. Witness woke up at 6:30 next morning and found the child was dead.

—Frederick Levi Hornsby, father of the deceased, corroborated the evidence of his wife.

—Dr. Gibbins said deceased was a very delicate child. He was of the opinion from his examination that death was due to convulsions, which were caused by the stomach and intestine troubles.

The jury returned a verdict of "Death from natural causes."


 Northampton Mercury, Friday 07 October 1904