Samuel Wallis & James Bindley

Game Offences, 1897

Samuel Wallis, shoehand, Desborough, was summoned for a game trespass, at Rushton, on Feb 7th; and James Bindley, shoehand, of the same place, was summoned for using a gun to kill game, at Rushton, on the same date.

—Robert Buckle said Wallis ran round the field and Bindley shot at a hare and killed it, placing it under his jacket.

—Arthur Buckle and Walter Harper, youths, corroborated.

—Bindley admitted the offence, but denied that Wallis was present.

Albert King stated that the defendant Wallis was in his company on the say in question from 12.30 to 2.30, when they were in a public-house.

—Wallis was discharged, and Bindley fined £1 and 8. 6d. costs; 14 days hard labour in default.


 Northampton Mercury, Friday 19 February 1897