George Bindley

Using a Gun to Kill Game, 1861

Game Delinquencies

John Tyrrell, gamekeeper to Oscar W. Hambrugh, Esq., of Pipewell Hall, charged George Bindley, weaver, of Desborough, with using a gun for the purpose of killing game, on Sunday, the 7th inst.

—William Wade stated that he was a gamekeeper, residing at Desborough. About half-past three, on Sunday morning, the 7th, he was watching game in Desborough parish. Whilst standing on the railway bridge leading from Desborough to Pipewell he saw defendant making towards Rushton road. In a short time he saw a hare run out of Mr. Hickman's field into the road where defendant was, and witness saw him shoot and pick it up. Turning round the corner he met defendant, who threw down the hare, and then began to scamper away. Called out to him, and said, "You have no call to run away, for I know who you are," and then he (witness) picked up the hare.

—Fined 10s. and costs 13s. 6d. In default committed for three weeks.

 Northampton Mercury, Saturday 27 July 1861