John Tompkins

Calendar of Prisoners 1907

Name John Tomkins
6 weeks H.L. and 3 weeks H.L. consecutively, Little Bowden Petty Sessions, 7-2-1883, stealing barley (two charges).
3 months H.L., Northampton Assize, 7-2-1906, warehouse-breaking.
And 10 summary convictions for "Breach of Education Act," drunk, etc. from 5-11-1879 to 5-9-1903.
Age 44
Trade Shoehand
Degree of Education 0
Name and Address of Committing Magistrate John T. Stockburn, Esq.,
Kettering Petty Sessions
Date of Warrant 1906 21st Dec
When received into Custody 1906 21st Dec
Particulars of Offence On the 18th December, 1906, at Desborough, did feloniously steal two bundles of wheat straw, of the goods and chattels of Peter Arnold.
[Charged with Samuel Bindley]
When tried 1907 3rd January
Before whom tried Sir C. V. Knightley, Bart.
Verdict of the Jury Guilty
Particulars of Previous Convictions charged in the Indictment & proved in Court Northampton Assize, 7th February, 1906
Sentence or Order of the Court 8 months' hard labour