Frederick Coe & Albert King

Game Trespass, 1901

After the Game.— Frederick Coe and Albert King, shoe hands, Desborough, were summoned for a game trespass, at Carlton, on Jan. 20.— Defendants pleaded not guilty.

— P.C. Chapman stated that on Sunday, the 20th inst., he saw the two defendants scuffling about after a rabbit in a plantation. When they came on to the road witness searched the defendants, but found no game or instruments for taking game on them. They had three dog[s], which ran a rabbit across the road. The defendants' knees were dirty, as if they had been kneeling at rabbit burrows.

— For the defence, Joseph Coe stated that they went to the plantation to call their dogs out, and while there the policeman came up.

— Defendants, who are old offenders, were each fined 10s. and 3s. costs.

 Northampton Mercury, Friday 01 February 1901


Note: Unclear as yet whether the first defendant was named
Frederick or Joseph Coe