Harry Wareing

Alleged Brutal Assault on a Father

25th August 1894

Considerable sensation was caused in Desborough on Saturday night by the report that a man named Harry Wareing, an ironstone labourer, living on the Braybrook-road had nearly murdered his father, Peter Wareing, a brick-maker. From enquiries we have made, it appears that Wareing, jun., has for some time been in receipt of parish relief, and on Saturday evening a collection was made round the public-houses on his behalf. Instead of devoting this money to a proper use, Wareing is alleged to have spent it in beer, and on going home some altercation ensued between father and son as to the manner in which the money had been disposed. Enraged at something his father had said Wareing rushed at the old man, and is alleged to have either struck him to the ground or pushed him violently from a chair. The old man was apparently much injured, and Dr. Gibbons was called in. It is believed that Wareing has sustained some internal injuries, and was on Monday night reported to be in a very critical condition. The matter is being inquired into by the police.

 Northampton Mercury, Friday 31 August 1894