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Henry Marlow


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   3727 1.0 Henry Marlowmale
3737 Father: Giles Marlow    b. about 1813 at Desborough    bur. 26 Jan 1885 at Desborough
3738 Mother: Alice [not known]    b. about 1797 at Desborough    bur. 1869
Birth: about 1838, at Kettering, NorthamptonshireCensus
Death: 20 Aug 1930 , at Desborough, age: 92yProbate
Probate: 08 Oct 1930  executors, etc

Married: (1) Mary Jane Bosworth  1862BMD
b. 1839, at DesboroughBMD
Birth: about 1863, at DesboroughCensus
Married: Harriett Collis  1882BMD
b. about 1860, at DesboroughCensus

   42533.1 Lucy J Marlowfemale
Birth: about 1884, at DesboroughCensus

   42543.2 Florrie Marlowfemale
Birth: about 1885, at DesboroughCensus

   42553.3 Mary J Marlowfemale
Birth: about 1887, at DesboroughCensus

   44403.4 Frank Marlowmale
Birth: about 1888, at DesboroughCensus

   91063.5 John Henry Marlowmale
Birth: about 1892, at DesboroughCensus

   91073.6 Annie Ethel Marlowfemale
Birth: about 1893, at DesboroughCensus

   91083.7 Alfred Marlowmale
Birth: about 1896, at DesboroughCensus

   177123.8 Clifford Alfred Marlowmale
Birth: 1897BMD
Death: 03 Mar 1901 , at Desborough, age: 3yMercury

Additional Information: BMD Announcements

   37362.2 Arthur Marlowmale
Birth: about 1866, at DesboroughCensus
Death: 1877, age: 11yBMD

Married: (2) Harriett Cheney nee Letts  at Kettering, Northamptonshire 14 Jul 1872Mrg Cert
b. 23 Jun 1844, at Haselbech, NorthamptonshireContact

   37312.3 John Henry Marlowmale
Baptism: 01 Jun 1873 at DesboroughIGI
Married: Ethel Kate B Wallis  1899BMD
b. about 1875, at Wellingborough, NorthamptonshireCensus
Birth: about 1876, at DesboroughCensus
Death: 19 Nov 1918 , at Desborough, age: 42yProbate
Probate: 25 Feb 1919  executors, etc
Married: Ada Marlow  1896BMD
b. about 1877, at DesboroughCensus

   96853.1 Ronald Marlowmale
Birth: about 1897, at DesboroughCensus

   143243.2 Arthur Marlowmale
Birth: about 1904, at DesboroughCensus

   143253.3 Clifford W Marlowmale
Birth: about 1910, at DesboroughCensus
Birth: about 1879, at DesboroughCensus
Death: 03 Jan 1931 , at Kettering Hospital, Kettering, Northamptonshire, age: 52yProbate
Probate: 15 Apr 1931  executors, etc
Married: Clara Sophia Browne  1904BMD
b. about 1881, at Leicester, LeicestershireCensus

   143273.1 Henry Kenneth Marlowmale
Birth: about 1908, at DesboroughCensus

   143283.2 Marjorie Elizabeth Marlowfemale
Birth: about 1910, at DesboroughCensus

   37342.6 Lucy Marlowfemale
Baptism: 28 May 1882 at DesboroughIGI

   45722.7 Arthur Marlowmale
Birth: about 1884, at DesboroughCensus
Death: 27 Feb 1976, age: 92yMI   memorial
Burial: at Desborough Cemetery, DesboroughMI
Married: Florence Annie Maud Davenport  at Desborough 18 May 1905WW1 Army
b. about 1882, at Wigston, LeicestershireCensus

   100593.1 Ella Doreen Marlowfemale
Birth: 30 May 1909, at DesboroughWW1 Army

   100603.2 Norman Marlowmale
Birth: 22 Jun 1912, at DesboroughWW1 Army

   100613.3 Arthur Marlowmale
Birth: 09 May 1917, at DesboroughWW1 Army

   37352.8 Bertha Elizabeth Marlowfemale
Baptism: 26 Dec 1886 at DesboroughIGI

Additional Information: Newspaper Article
Married: William Arnold  about 1909Census
b. about 1888, at Adlington, CheshireCensus



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