William Baines
Insolvent Debtor, 1856

COUNTY COURT, Thursday, July 17th

William Baines, baker, an insolvent debtor, Desborough, also presented his schedule, and was opposed by four creditors of the names of Green, Eaddy, West, and Crick. It appears the whole of these creditors had supplied defendant with quantities of flour, one or two of them indeed to a considerable amount. Mr. Green said that defendant had represented to him that he was coming into possession of rather more than £40 per annum, in consequence of which he felt no reluctance in supplying him with flour. His Honour ordered the case to stand over until next court day, the creditors to meet together, Mr. Green to look over the schedule, examine the accounts, and ascertain the nature of the will.

Northampton Mercury, Saturday 19 July 1856