Charles Iliffe
Apprenticeship (London) 1764


At a Court of Assistants held at Carpenters Hall
on Tuesday the 3rd day of April 1764

Present ....
Isaac Ware Esqr
  Mr Pullen
Mr Bigg
Mr Read
Mr Price Mr Dermer Mr Oliver
Mr Tunge Mr Jupp  

John Sharpe Paid his Quarteridge to Ladyday

William Jones Paid Do to Do0..4..0
George Shakespear Paid Do to Do0..2..0
Thomas Jernegan Paid Do to Do0..6..0
Thomas Sharpe Paid Do to Do0..5..6
George Cotton Paid Do to Do0.10..4
Thomas Kidney Paid Do to Do0..2..0
Daniel Moore Paid Do to Do0..0..6
Joseph Morton Paid Do to Do0.17..0
John Worsley Paid Do to Do0..0..8
John Davis Paid Do to Do0..0..6
John Worsley Paid a Non Inrollment0..3..4
Iliffe to Jones

Roffe to Jernegan

Speake to Sharpe

Kensley to Kidney

Lee to Moore

Morton to Morton
Charles Iliffe Son of Charles Iliffe of Desborough Com. Northton Farmer bound to William Jones Citizen and Carpenter Consn £21.
Benjamin Roffe Son of Richard Roffe of Polebrooke Com Northton bound to Thomas Jernegan Citizen and Carpenter Consn  Nil.
Richard Speake Son of Richard Speake of Whitechappel Middx Peruke Maker bound to Thomas Sharpe Cit and Carpr.  Consn Nil.
Samuel Kensley Son of Thomas Kensley of the Parash of St. Luke Middx Carpr bound to Thomas Kidney Cit and Carpr. Consn 15..15.0
John Lee Son of John Lee of Stratfield Sea Com Hants Yeoman deced bound to Daniel Moore Citizen and Carpr. Consn Nil.
Francis Morton bound to Joseph Morton his Father Citizen and Carpenter of London Consn Nil.