Transfer of Licenses


Two applications were made for the transfer of licenses to sell beer and spirituous liquors. One by the present occupier of the Sun Inn, Kettering; and the other by Mr. Tailby, of Desborough, who was understood to say, that he had recently bought an inn there. Both were denied, on the ground that sufficient notice of the intention of the applicants had not been given. They were informed that they must apply again on the 28th of March. It was also stated that the exciseman had that morning received a letter from London, forbidding him to allow any one to sell liquors until the license is actually transferred, although he may have taken a licensed house.

Northampton Mercury, Saturday 19 February 1842


I believe that the Desborough license application was by John Tailby for the Sun Inn, on the grounds that:

The Swan Inn was auctioned in 1841.

Rebecca Tailby is shown at the Swan Inn in 1851 and 1861 (probably also in 1871, though the name of the inn is not shown in the census). Rebecca is described as 'wife' in the 1851 census, but I have not yet found her husband John in that census.