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Ship Money, 1637

May 11.

7.  Sir Robert Banastre to Nicholas. I have not till this day received an order from the Council for reference of the rating of the two hundreds of Rothwell and Guilsborough to four persons to be nominated by the hundredors and myself, dated the last of April. I must not omit to give answer to the lewd proceedings of the high constables of the hundred of Rothwell, being contrary to what I now send under their hands, alleging inequality of the tax in the town of Desborough, worth 600l ., charged at 25s., and Sulby, being not above 1,000l. per annum, rated at 13s. 6d. Sulby is charged at 40l., which is at their own valuation, and Desborough at 17l. 10s., being not worth above 400l. I have now in all sent up 1,220l. 0s. ¾d., being every penny that is collected, together with the particular hundreds that have paid.

source: Calendar of State Papers Domestic Series, Charles I


Notes: Sir Robert Banastre was Lord of the manor of Passenham in Northamptonshire. He died in 1649, aged about eighty (source: The Journey from Chester to London by Thomas Pennant)