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Earthquake, 1750

From the Parish Register, Rothwell

On Sunday Sept. 30th We were terribly alarmed with a violent shock of an earthquake. It was felt at this Town about half an hour past twelve at noon.

I was at that time administering the Holy Sacrament, and was with the whole Congregation in the greatest surprise.

Its first approach was heard like a mighty wind, or rather the driving of many coaches. The motion was from S.W. to N.E. The continuance was as near as I could judge about half a minute and was very dreadful and awful. The earth was sensibly perceived to heave under our feet. The church tottered to its Foundation, and the east window shook most violently, as if it was all coming down and from the Roof, which we thought was falling on us, we heard dreadful crackings three or four times as if great prodigious weights were flung upon it.

In Fear and Trembling we expected instant Death either by being crushed under the ruins of the church or else that we should have been swallowed up alive : but as Almighty God directed, no harm happened unto us. They who were in the Churches or Houses were more sensibly affected and felt it most than those who were walking. It was felt in the Neighbouring Towns of Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. THOMAS BARRETT, Vicar