Charles Allen

Death, 1843

AN AFFECTING DEATH.—On Saturday last, a man named Charles Allen, shoemaker, of Desborough, left his home for Northampton, in search of work, intending, it appears, to return by a carrier. He succeeded in getting work, and not being ready when the carrier started, he afterwards proceeded homewards on foot. At about one o'clock on Sunday morning he applied for lodging at a lone house on the road known by the name of Fox-hall. But the hour being unseasonable, and the inmates of the house having retired to rest, the landlord refused him admission. After that some person or persons were heard to be outside the house, but of this no notice was taken till between seven and eight the next morning, when the poor man was found dead a few yards from the house. The body was examined, but no marks of violence were discoverable, and the medical gentleman in attendance was of opinion that the man had died from exhaustion. The leather he brought from Northampton was found secreted at the distance of about a quarter of a mile from where he died; by which it would appear that he felt so fatigued as to be unable to carry it farther. He bore the character of a steady and industrious man, was about 40 years old, and unmarried. He had but recently recovered from a fever.

Northampton Mercury, Saturday 25 February 1843