Samuel Nursey

May 1816

Prisoners charged for Debts under £2000.

THE following Persons being Prisoners for Debt in the respective Gaols or Prisons, hereafter mentioned, and having been charged in Custody on the Fifth Day of June, one Thousand eight Hundred and twelve, for the Non-payment of a Debt or Debts, Sum or Sums of Money, not exceeding in the Whole Two Thousand Pounds, Do hereby respectively give this FIRST Public Notice, that they intend to take the Benefit of an Act passed in the fifty-second Year of his presnet Majesty's Reign, intitled "An Act for the Relief of certain Insolvent Debtors in England." And they do hereby give Notice, that true and perfect Schedules, containing Discoveries of all their real and personal Estates, hereafter to be sworn to, are now ready to be delivered to any Creditors applying for the same, in Manner as by the said Act is directed, to the Keepers or Gaolers, or their Deputies of the said Prisons or Gaols.

PRISONERS in the Gaol in and for the County of NORTHAMPTON.

William Chrisp, heretofore of Souldrope, in the County of Bedford, and late of Rothwell, in the County of Northampton, Baker.

Samuel Nursey, late of Desborough, in the County of Northampton, Farmer.

 Northampton Mercury, Saturday 15 August 1812