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William & Joanna Marshall
Settlement Certificate from Stoke Albany
14th December 1714

Northton ss

To the Church Wardens and Overseers of the Poor of ye Parish of Desborow in ye County of Northampton

Whereas we are given to understand that William Marshal of Our Parish of Stoke Albony in ye County of Northampton is desirous to inhabit and dwell within your said Parish of Desborow, we therefore the Church Wardens and Overseers of ye Poor of the said Parrish of Stoke Albony, whose Names are hereunto Subscribed, do certifie unto you and all others whom it may concerne, that we do acknowledg & own the Said William Marchal & Joanna his Wife & family to be Inhabitants legally Setled in Our Parish of Stoke Albony, and we do hereby promise & oblidge our selves & Successors, to receive and provid for ye Sd William Marshal his Wife & family as inhabitants of Our Parish, whenever he she or they or any of them (not acquiring otherways a lawful Settlement at Desborow aforesaid) shall happen to become chargable or be forc'd to ask reliefe of your Sd Parish of Desborow in Witness Whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals the 14 Day of December.  Ann. Dom 1714

Sign'd & allow'd by us two of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for ye Said County of Northampton Thomas Knowles
Robert Taylor

      Church Wardens

Ja: Robinson
Jo: Robinson

William Barwell
Thomas Jelly
Will Barvant

Note: it's possible that the Marshall family had returned to Stoke Albany by 1719 as IGI shows the baptisms there of two children to a William and Joanna Marshall: Elizabeth, on 4th October 1719, and John on 22nd November 1724

Desborough is about 3 miles south of Stoke Albany