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David Kidney
Settlement Examination
15th October 1768

County of Northampton To wit.

The Examination of David Kidney now in the Parish of Desbro' in the said County touching the last Place of his legal Settlement taken on Oath before us two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said county the 15th Day of October 1768 who saith that he was born in the Parish of Desbro' in the County of Northampton that he is about 25 Years of Age

that his Father resided at Desbro' under a Certificate from Rushton & that when he was about 17 years old he was bound Apprentice for 7 years to live with Saml Bosworth of the Parish of Braybrooke in the sd County Weaver to learn the Art, or Grade of a Weaver, that he served his sd Master at Braybrooke as his Apprentice for six years when he, & his Master parted by Consent, & since he left his Master he had never done anything to acquire a Settlement in any other Place wheresoever, but yt as he believes his last Legal Settlement was, & is at Braybrooke aforesaid and further saith, that about three Months ago he married; that his wife's Name is Mary & is now Resident at Desbro'

David Kidney X  his Mark


Taken sign'd and swore the day
and Year above written before.

J Hill
J Robinson

See also: the removal order which followed this examination, and his settlement certificate, 4th Apr 1769

David's father William had a settlement certificate from Rushton in 1741