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William Langley
Settlement Examination
21st November 1775

to wit

The Examination of William Langley now in the Parish of Desboroug touching his last legal Settlement taken on Oath before me one of his Majestys Justices of peace for the said County the 21st Day of November 1775

who saith that he was born at Okenham in the county of Berks where his Parents were Duly Settled that about the year 1755 he went into his Majestys Service and continued in it about 5 years when he was Discharged for being Wounded since which time he has done nothing to gain a Settlement in any place but that as he believes his legal Settlement now is in the said Parish of Oakenham where he was born and that yesterday he Intermarried with Elizabeth his Present Wife now resident at Desborough aforesaid and further saith not

William Langley his Mark

Taken signd and Sworn the Day
and Year above written before me

J Hill


The date when William became a soldier appears to have been originally written as 1775 and overwritten as 1755.

His length of service is unclear: it may be 15 or 5 years with a blob of ink on the tail of the '5' (see the beginning of the central line on the image on the right)