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Peter Gray
Bond against Chargeability
18th November 1714

Noverint[?] universi p[er] p[re]sentes me Peter Gray de Lubnun in Comitatu Leicestr pisto Teneri firmiter obligari Bartin Gutteridge & William Buckby Churchwardens & Thomas Loake & Richard Lole overseers of the poore of Desborough in the County of Northton in quadraginita libris bone et legalis monete mag britani Solvend eidem Bartin Gutterindge Will Buckby Thomas Loake & Richard Lole aut Suo Certo Atturnato Executibus Adm:rbs Suis ad quam quidem Solution bene Fidelit faciend obligo me heredes Executrs admrs meos firmitr p[er] p[re]sentes Sigillo meo Sigillat dat decmo oct die Novembr Anno Regni Domns nostri Georgius prim dei gratia magnus Britania Francie et Hibern Regis fidei Defens &c uno Anno Dom 1714

The Condic[i]on of this Obligac[i]on is Such that if the above Bounden Peter Gray doth not take any Apprentices or hire any Servants for a yeare to make them settlements in the Parish of Desborough in the County above said that then this obligc[i]on shall be voide and of none effect but if the said Peter Gray shall take any Apprentices or hire any Servants to make them Settem[e]nts in the p[ari]sh of Desborough afores[ai]d them this obliga[t]ion shall be and remaine in full force & virtue

Sealed & Deliver'd the paper being first stamp'd according to the Late Act of Parliam[e]nt in the presence of us       Peeter Gray

Wm Iliffe      William [illegible]


Note: If Peter, whilst living in Lubenham[?] in Leicestershire under a certificate of legal settlement from Desborough, took an apprentice or hired a servant for a year the said apprentice/servant would subsequently have the right to legal settlement at Desborough. They could then become a financial burden to the parish if they became unable to support themselves; hence the requirement for him to sign this bond with the churchwardens and overseers of the poor at Desborough.