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William Dolby
Bond against Chargeability
27th December 1724

Noverint universi p[er] p[re]sentes me Willelmo Dolby de Kettering in Comitat Northton Weaver Teneri firmiter obligari Bartin Gutteridge et Robert Moore Churchwardens et Gabriel Watson & Lewis East Overseers of the Poor de Desborough in Comitat pdict in vigiti Libris bone et Legalis monetae Mag Britanie Solvend eisdem Bartin Gutterindge & Robert Moore Gabriel Watson & Lewis East Sen eorum altevi veleorum Certo Attornato Executiborbs oldm:eos rel Assignatis eorum ad quam quid Soluc[i]on benefidel:tr Faciend obligo me Heredes Executrs Admrs meos firmitr  p[er] p[re]sentes Sigillo meo Sigillat dat vicesimo septo die Decembr  Anno Regni Dom Nostri Georgis Dei Gratia Mag Brittanie Francie et Hiberine Regis Fidei Defensoris &c uodecimo Annoq Dom 1724

Whereas William Dolby is gone to Setle and Reside at Kettering by virture of a Certificate given under our hands hath Covenanted and agreed that he the Said William Dolby will not take any Apprentices whereby to make the Setlements in the p[ari]sh of Desborough afores[ai]d

Now the Condic[i]on of this obligac[i]on is Such that if the above bounden William Dolby Shall well and truly observe p[er]form and keepe the Covenant and agreement above menc[i]oned According to the true intent and meaning thereof that then this obligac[i]on to be void & of none effect or else to be and Remaine in full form & virtue

Sealed & Deliver'd in the Presence of
the paper being first Duly Stamp'd According to Act of Parliam[en]t
       William X  Dolby his marke

Thomas X  Wallis  his mark

Jonathan Rudkin

Jos Lole