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St Giles Church, Desborough

James Sewell Bequest
wall plaque in St Giles Church

James Sewell Bequest Plaque. Text on page gives the transcription

Mr James Sewell amongst other Bequests in his Will did give and Bequeath a Legacy to the Churchwardens in the words following. Item I give and Bequeath unto the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of Desborough & their respective successours for ever the Sum of twenty pounds to be by them Successivly disposed on & put out at Interest after the rate of six lb p Cent for the use & Benefit of twelve of the Poorest Widows of Desborough aforesaid & the Interest to be paid every half year at the feast of St Thomas the Apostle and St John the Baptist yearly at the discretion of the Churchwardens & Overseers. A:D: 1701.

Bartin Gutteridge Gent
Robert Moore
A:D: 1724