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This information is being garnered from Parish Records. It is not yet a complete list

Record Office transcripts of baptisms notes that all pages from 1571-1600 are signed by Richard Davies, who was then vicar, with the marks of John Codsbrooke and Henry Lockewoode, churchwardens

Year Churchwarden Churchwarden Curate
1603 Wm Warwicke Wm Weston  
1604 John Loake Ralph W....  
1607 Martin Marson Bartin Gutridge  
1609 John Law (or Loake) Wm Andrewe  
1610 John Whittring Arthur Lyne  
1611 George Davies Wm Iliffe  
1612 George Iliffe Gabriel Watson  
1613 Thomas Brett    
1614 Giles Groocoke    
1615 Giles Groocoke    
1616 Thos Selby    
1617 Robert Warr William Benet  
1618 Robert Warr William Bennett  
1621 John Codsbrooke John Walker  
1622 Joseph Blunte Martin Marston John Penn
1625 Lawrence Watson Richard Skinner John Penn
1626 John Brett Owyn Tompson  
1627 Robert Brayne George Davies  
1628 Stephen Watson John Burton  
1629 Edward Selbye William Wymant  
1630 William Nutt Robert Parker  
1631 Robert Parker John Codsbrooke  
1632 Owen Tompson William Gutteridge  
1633 Robert Warr John Lole  
1635 Lawrence Watson John Wright
1636 John Codesbrooke Roger Marson  
1637 Edward Wright William Barloe  
1638  Edward Wright Lawrence Watson  
1639 Lawrence Watson Roger Chapman  
1641 William Andrew William Kingston  
1642 William Andrew William Kingston  
1670 Lewis East William Page

18th Century

Year Churchwarden Churchwarden Curate
1713 William Iliffe Bartin Gutteridge
1714 William Buckby Bartin Gutteridge
1715 William Iliffe Bartin Gutteridge
1716 William Iliffe Bartin Gutteridge
1717 William Iliffe Thomas Cave
1718 Thomas Morris William Iliffe
1719 n.k. William Iliffe
1720 Thomas Morris Henry Lenton
1721 Thomas Morris William Iliffe 
1722 n.k. William Iliffe 
1723 n.k. William Iliffe 
1724 Bartin Gutteridge Robert Moore
1725 John Buckby Bartin Gutteridge
1726 Bartin Gutteridge William Iliffe 
1727 Thomas Humphrey William Iliffe 
1728 n.k. n.k.
1729 Bartin Gutteridge William Buckby
1730 William Iliffe, gent. William Morris, yeoman
1731 Thomas Morris William Iliffe 
1732 n.k. n.k.
1733 Lewis East William Iliffe 
1734 n.k. n.k.
1735 n.k. n.k.
1736 n.k. n.k.
1737 Robert Dexter n.k.
1738 Bartin Gutteridge William Iliffe 
1739 Robert Nursey William Iliffe 
1740 n.k. n.k.
1741 Robert Iliffe Samuel Winsall
1742   Samuel Winsall Charles Warren
1743 Robert Dexter Bartin Gutteridge Charles Warren
1744 Robert Dexter   Charles Warren
1745 George Cave   Charles Warren
1746 William Gutteridge    
1747 William Gutteridge Gabriel Watson  
1748     Thomas Barnett
1749 George Cave Samuel Winsall  
1750     Thomas Barnett
1751 William Gutteridge   Thomas Barnett
1752 William Gutteridge Charles Iliffe Thomas Barnett
1753 Robert Nursey William Morris Thomas Barnett
1754 Robert Nursey Gabriel Watson Thomas Barnett
1755 Robert Nursey William Gutteridge Thomas Barnett
1756 Charles Iliffe   Thomas Barnett
1757 Charles Iliffe Robert Nursey Thomas Barnett
1758 Charles Iliffe William Gutteridge Thomas Barnett
1759 Robert Nursey William Gutteridge Thomas Barnett
1760 Robert Nursey Thomas Morris Thomas Barnett
1762 William Gutteridge Gabriel Watson Thomas Barnett
1763 Lewis Cave William Gutteridge Thomas Barnett
1764 Robert Nursey Samuel Winsall Thomas Barnett
1765 Thomas Ball   Thomas Barnett
1766 Thomas Ball   Thomas Barnett
1767 John Dexter Robert Iliffe Thomas Barnett
1768 John Dexter Charles Iliffe Thomas Barnett
1769 John Dexter John Morris Thomas Barnett
1770 John Dexter William Nursey Thomas Barnett
1771 John Dexter William Nursey Thomas Barnett
1772 John Dexter Thomas Ball Thomas Barnett
1773 John Dexter George Cave Thomas Barnett (Vicar)
1774 John Dexter George Sumner Thomas Barnett (Vicar)
1775 John Dexter John Nursey   -
1778 John Dexter   Anthony Birkit
1779 John Dexter Henry Coleman Anthony Birket
1780 John Dexter George Cave Anthony Birket
1781 John Dexter George Cave   -
1782 John Dexter George Cave   -
1783 George Sumner     -
1784 George Cave     -
1785 George Cave George Sumner   -
1786 George Sumner     -
1787 George Cave George Sumner   -
1788       -
1789 George Sumner William Nursey John Fenswicke
1790 George Sumner William Nursey John Glover
1791 George Sumner William Nursey John Glover
1792       -
1793     Robert Gawthropp
1794 John Tailby   Richard Marshall
1796 John Tailby John West Richard Marshall
1797     Thomas Davis
1798 John Tailby George Sumner Thomas Davis
1799 George Sumner   Thomas Davis

19th Century

Year Churchwarden Churchwarden Curate
1800 G Sumner   V[?] Jones
1801 James Biggs   V[?] Jones
1803     William Bosworth
1804 William Nursey James Biggs William Brotherhood
1805     William Brotherhood
1806     William Brotherhood
1807 James Biggs   William Brotherhood
1808 James Biggs   William Brotherhood
1809 James Biggs Robert Nursey William Brotherhood
1810     William Brotherhood
1811 William Henley   William Brotherhood