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359 baptism records extracted to date. More will follow later.

Caution! Mother's names are not always recorded in the register, particularly in the earliest records, and may have been deduced from marriage and/or burial records. Where there seems particular uncertainty about a deduction I have commented on this in the full record which you can see by clicking on the child's name.

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Edward Corby27 Dec 1692   Henry Corby, Joan [not known]
Alice Gutteridge30 Oct 1695   William Gutteridge

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Edward Panter25 Dec 1634   , Alice Panter
Richard Hill26 Dec 1634   James Hill, Agnes [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
William Panter21 Mar 1634/35   William Panter, Mary Codsbrook
Susanna Codsbrook22 Apr 1635 (20 Apr 1635)   Richard Codsbrook, Katherine [not known]
Mary Watson10 May 1635   Christopher Watson, Ann [not known]
William Rowlett26 Jun 1635   William Rowlett, Frances [not known]
Ellen Rowledge05 Jul 1635   Thomas Rowledge, Ellen Daniels
Giles Chapman21 Jul 1635   John Chapman, Katherine Groococke
Francis Ladd09 Aug 1635   Robert Lad, Alice Alderman
Edward Selby23 Aug 1635   Edward Selby, Lettice [not known]
Elizabeth Brabrooke13 Sep 1635   John Brabrooke, Joan Alderman
John Brayne22 Oct 1635   Nicholas Braine, Ellen Tebbatt
William Iliffe24 Oct 1635   Robert Iliffe, Alice Wright

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Elizabeth Tebbott24 Jan 1635/36   Henry Tebbott, Elizabeth Tee
Robert Lenton31 Jan 1635/36   Thomas Lenton, Hellen [not known]
Bridget Brett27 Mar 1636   John Brette, Dorothy Benette
Ann Hill10 Apr 1636   James Hill, Agnes [not known]
Ann Franklin12 Apr 1636   Thomas Franklin, Mary [not known]
Ann Panter19 Jul 1636   John Panter, Elizabeth [not known]
Ann Iliffe12 Aug 1636   Thomas Iliffe, Sara [not known]
Elizabeth Hasselden18 Aug 1636   William Hasselden, Elizabeth [not known]
Elizabeth Wright07 Sep 1636   John Wright, Agnes [not known]
Ellen Rowlett18 Sep 1636   William Rowlett, Frances [not known]
Ann Lockwood21 Sep 1636   John Lockwood, Joan [not known]
Elizabeth Turner30 Oct 1636   Richard Turner, Margaret Robinson
Thomas Alderman18 Nov 1636   [male] Alderman, Becky [not known]
Margery Selby24 Nov 1636   John Selby, Em [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
William Alderman22 Jan 1636/37   Richard Alderman, Frances [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Jane Wimant02 Feb 1638/39   John Wymant, Bridget [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Elizabeth Ladd17 May 1640   Robert Lad, Alice Alderman

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
John Brown02 Apr 1648   William Brown, Elizabeth [not known]
Martin Watsonbefore 19 May 1648   Henry Watson, Elizabeth [not known]
Joseph Carwarden30 Jun 1648   Thomas Carwarden, Alice [not known]
Rebecca Wymant03 Jul 1648   John Wymant, Bridget [not known]
Hannah Robinson03 Sep 1648   William Robinson, Anne [not known]
Anna Warr-- Sep 1648   Robert Warr, Amey [not known]
Tobias Davy-- Sep 1648   Richard Davy, Elizabeth [not known]
Thomas Watson05 Nov 1648   George Watson, Elizabeth [not known]
John Brown17 Dec 1648   William Brown, Elizabeth [not known]
Mary Moore24 Dec 1648   Robert Moore, Elizabeth [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
James Moore28 Jan 1648/49   John Hill
John Lad25 Feb 1648/49   Robert Lad, Alice Alderman
Thomas Rowledg04 Mar 1648/49   Thomas Rowledge, Ellen Daniels
John Ward15 Apr 1649   John Ward, Mary [not known]
Andrew Goodman20 May 1649   Edward Goodman, Emm [not known]
John Yeomans02 Sep 1649   Thomas Yeomans, Ellen Packe
John Silby02 Nov 1649   John Silby, Emey [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Thomas SageJan 1649/50   Thomas Sage, Catherine [not known]
John Louke06 Jan 1649/50   Thomas Louke, Joan [not known]
Henry Serjeant20 Jan 1649/50   Thomas Serjeant, Alice Corby
Bartin Gutteridge17 Feb 1649/50   Bartin Gutteridge, Alice [not known]
Bridget Seamaster17 Feb 1649/50   Peeter Seamaster, Elizabeth [not known]
Mary Chapman24 Mar 1649/50   William Chapman, Mary [not known]
Elizabeth Robinson05 May 1650   Richard Robinson, Elizabeth [not known]
Susanna Watson09 Jun 1650   George Watson, Elizabeth [not known]
Mary Meakins21 Jul 1650   George Meakins, Godith Lusnam
Elizabeth Brown01 Sep 1650   William Brown, Elizabeth [not known]
Nathaniel Wimunt08 Oct 1650   John Wymant, Bridget [not known]
D Warr17 Nov 1650   Robert Warr, Amey [not known]
Anne Davy17 Nov 1650   Richard Davy, Elizabeth [not known]
Susanna Smith01 Dec 1650   William Smith, Jane [not known]
Susannah Braynes22 Dec 1650   Edward Braynes, Elizabeth [not known]
Robert Horsman22 Dec 1650   Edward Horsman, Mary [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
William Andrew26 Jan 1650/51   William Andrews, Mary [not known]
John Watson16 Feb 1650/51   Henry Watson, Elizabeth [not known]
Grace Panter18 May 1651   Thomas Panter, Ellen [not known]
Edward Loale25 May 1651   Richard Lole, Hannah Braynes
Joseph BugbyJun 1651   William Bugby, Jane [not known]
John Loake01 Jun 1651   John Loake, Elizabeth Groococke
Anne Seamaster22 Jun 1651   Peeter Seamaster, Elizabeth [not known]
Anne Stiffe29 Jun 1651   John Stiffe, Frances [not known]
Henry Sharp29 Jun 1651   Henry Sharpe, Elizabeth Robinson
Mary Gutteridge20 Jul 1651   Bartin Gutteridge, Alice [not known]
John Brayne21 Sep 1651   Richard Brayne, Hannah Wakeling
John Lad21 Nov 1651   Robert Lad, Alice Alderman
Anne Ward21 Dec 1651   John Ward, Mary [not known]
Thomas Serjeant21 Dec 1651   Thomas Serjeant, Alice Corby

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
William Codsbrook18 Jan 1651/52   William Codsbrook, Anne Day
Elizabeth Steephens25 Jan 1651/52   Thomas Steephens, Alice [not known]
Jane Codsbrook25 Jan 1651/52   Thomas Codsbrook, Elizabeth [not known]
Robert Meakins01 Feb 1651/52   George Meakins, Godith Lusnam
Anne Groocock01 Feb 1651/52   Thomas Groocock, Mary [not known]
Mary Midlebrooke15 Feb 1651/52   William Midlebrooke, Mary Cheaney
Mary Franklin21 Mar 1651/52   Thomas Franklin, Sarah [not known]
Samuel Silby18 Apr 1652   John Silby, Emey [not known]
Andrew Goodman02 May 1652   Edward Goodman, Emm [not known]
John Wells14 May 1652  
Deborah Wymunt13 Jun 1652   John Wymant, Bridget [not known]
Rebecka Andrewes11 Jul 1652   William Andrews, Mary [not known]
Elizabeth Moore25 Jul 1652   Robert Moore, Emilley [not known]
William Brown01 Aug 1652   William Brown, Elizabeth [not known]
Dorothy Horsman02 Aug 1652   Edward Horsman, Mary [not known]
George Davye19 Sep 1652   Richard Davy, Elizabeth [not known]
Anthony Lole14 Nov 1652   Richard Lole, Hannah Braynes
Thomas Chapman20 Nov 1652   William Chapman, Mary [not known]
Samuel Bugby05 Dec 1652   William Bugby, Jane [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Stephen Sage09 Jan 1652/53   John Sage, Katherine Spencer
Mary Sage09 Jan 1652/53   John Sage, Katherine Spencer
Thomas Cupid15 Jan 1652/53   William Cupid, Temperance [not known]
Anne Warr21 Jan 1652/53   Robert Warr, Amey [not known]
Mary Roe23 Jan 1652/53   Edward Roe, Temperance [not known]
John Seamaster30 Jan 1652/53   Peeter Seamaster, Elizabeth [not known]
Mary Watson06 Feb 1652/53   George Watson, Elizabeth [not known]
Mary Sergeant13 Feb 1652/53   Thomas Serjeant, Alice Corby
Thomas Robinson13 Feb 1652/53   William Robinson, Anne [not known]
Ann Loake03 Apr 1653   Thomas Louke, Joan [not known]
Rebecka Watson03 Apr 1653   John Watson, Bridget Atkins
Hannah Robinson22 May 1653   Richard Robinson, Elizabeth [not known]
Bridget Gutteridge12 Jun 1653   Bartin Gutteridge, Alice [not known]
Mary Horsman12 Sep 1653   Edward Horsman, Mary [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Ann Silbey04 Jul 1669   John Silbey, Frances [not known]
Philip Panter12 Sep 1669   Thomas Panter, Ann [not known]
Andrew Panter12 Sep 1669   Thomas Panter, Ann [not known]
Elizabeth Panter25 Nov 1669   John Panter, Bridget [not known]
Ann Robinson27 Nov 1669   William Robinson, Elizabeth [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Hannah Gilbert13 Jan 1669/70   Thomas Gilbert, Hannah [not known]
Elizabeth Miller21 Jan 1669/70   John Miller, Frances [not known]
Rebekah Pateman04 Feb 1669/70   Rowland Pateman, Jane [not known]
James Wimon14 Feb 1669/70   John Wyman, Elizabeth [not known]
William Waples24 Apr 1670   John Waples, Elizabeth [not known]
Ann Brett26 Apr 1670   Thomas Brett, Ann [not known]
Josias Wyman22 May 1670   Edward Wyman, Susannah Isoton
Ann Watson22 May 1670   Gabriel Watson, Elizabeth [not known]
Ann Yeomans25 May 1670   Thomas Yeomans
Susannah Ward29 Jun 1670   John Ward, Mary [not known]
Hannah Barnes03 Jul 1670   John Barnes, Ann Codsbrook
Jonathan Brampton23 Oct 1670   John Brampton, Mary [not known]
Elizabeth Woolman26 Oct 1670   Henry Woolman, Phillipa [not known]
Robert Robinson06 Nov 1670   William Robinson, Mary [not known]
Alice Iliff28 Nov 1670   John Iliffe, Catherine [not known]
Henry Lenton29 Nov 1670   Henry Lenton, Ann [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Ann Robinson22 Jan 1670/71   William Robinson, Elizabeth [not known]
[male] Ginns (Feb 1670/71)   Thomas Ginns
William Clarke26 Feb 1670/71   William Clarke, Martha King
John Silbey12 Mar 1670/71   John Silbey, Frances [not known]
Joseph Paine (12 Mar 1670/71)   Thomas Pain, Elizabeth Watson
Ann Middlebrook01 Apr 1671   Edward Wyman (supposed father), Ann Middlebrook
John Paine06 Jun 1671   John Geery (supposed father), Ann Paine
John Miller10 Jun 1671   John Miller, Frances [not known]
John Mkins26 Jun 1671   John Mkins, Rachel [not known]
Edward Pateman02 Jul 1671   Rowland Pateman, Jane [not known]
John Lenton03 Jul 1671   John Lenton, Mary Walter
Elizabeth Haseldine12 Nov 1671   William Haseldine, Elizabeth [not known]
Mary Nursey26 Nov 1671   William Nursey, Mary Campion

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
William Page03 Jan 1671/72   William Page, Mary [not known]
Elinor Panter10 Jan 1671/72   John Panter, Bridget [not known]
Henry Woolman11 Jan 1671/72   Henry Woolman, Phillipa [not known]
Martha Loake25 Jan 1671/72   Thomas Loake, Jane [not known]
Mary Loake25 Jan 1671/72   Thomas Loake, Jane [not known]
John Wyman13 Feb 1671/72   Edward Wyman, Susannah Isoton
Andrew Thorpe (25 Apr 1672)   Andrew Thorpe
Bridget Wyman28 Apr 1672   John Wyman, Elizabeth [not known]
Job King12 Jun 1672   Richard King, Katherine [not known]
[male] Ginns (--- 1672)   Thomas Ginns
[male] Jobbs (--- 1672)   William Jobbs
Thomas Panter01 Jul 1672   Anthony Panter, Elizabeth [not known]
Richard Alderman03 Sep 1672   Richard Alderman, Elizabeth Wyman
Mary Lenton18 Oct 1672   John Lenton, Mary Walter
Elizabeth Silbey27 Oct 1672   John Silbey, Frances [not known]
Sarah Atkins30 Oct 1672   John Atkins, Rachell Allen
Elizabeth Gillbond01 Dec 1672   Thomas Gillbond, Hannah [not known]
Henry Waples19 Dec 1672   John Waples, Elizabeth [not known]
Richard Lole26 Dec 1672   Richard Lole, Mary [not known]
William Watson29 Dec 1672   Philip Watson, Elizabeth Burdit

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
William Blockley02 Jan 1672/73   James Blockley, Martha Gabett
Grace Clarke25 Apr 1673   William Clarke, Martha King
Alice Yeomans27 Apr 1673   Thomas Yeomans, Alice Yeomans
Thomas Miller04 May 1673   John Miller, Eleanor Cozbrook
Mary Gutteridge22 May 1673   William Gutteridge, Ruth Manton
Thomas Brett01 Jun 1673   Thomas Brett, Ann [not known]
Edward Allen07 June 1673   Edward Allen, Elizabeth Sharp
Gabriel Watson30 Jul 1673   Gabriel Watson, Elizabeth [not known]
Ann Nursey29 Aug 1673   William Nursey, Mary Campion
Edde Yeomans28 Sep 1673   Richard Yeomans, Grace Harris
Frances Sanders15 Nov 1673 (13 Nov 1673)   William Sanders, Mary Pulton
Jane Loake30 Nov 1673   Thomas Loake, Jane [not known]
John Robins21 Dec 1673   William Robins, Elizabeth [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Jane East01 Nov 1674   Lewis East, Ann Loake
Richard Page07 Jan 1673/74   William Page, Mary [not known]
Catherine Iliffe12 Jan 1673/74   John Iliffe, Catherine [not known]
Thomas Williams21 Jan 1673/74   Rodger Williams, Elizabeth Porter
Ann Woolman31 Jan 1673/74   Henry Woolman, Phillipa [not known]
William Silbey09 Mar 1673/74   John Silbey, Frances [not known]
Elizabeth Rogers20 Mar 1673/74   Samuel Rogers, Jane Gutteridge
Gamaliell Jarvis28 Mar 1674   Gamaliell Jarvis, Ann [not known]
Thomas Barnes07 Jun 1674   John Barnes, Ann Codsbrook
Elizabeth Welford16 Jun 1674   John Welford, Elizabeth [not known]
Robert Haseldine12 Sep 1674   William Haseldine, Elizabeth [not known]
Elizabeth WarreOct 1674   Robert Warre, Rachel Atkins
William GutteridgeOct 1674   William Gutteridge, Ruth Manton
William Chambers13 Nov 1674   Humphry Chambers, Mary Davies
Roger Watson13 Nov 1674   Philip Watson, Elizabeth Burdit
Elizabeth Alderman20 Nov 1674   Richard Alderman, Elizabeth Wyman
Thomas Blockley30 Nov 1674 (22 Nov 1674)   James Blockley, Martha Gabett

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Henry Lenton16 Jan 1674/75   John Lenton, Mary Walter
Thomas Loake17 Jan 1674/75   Thomas Loake, Jane [not known]
John Panter20 Jan 1674/75   John Panter, Bridget [not known]
Robert Moore17 Mar 1674/75   Robert Moore, Hannah King
Elizabeth Miller13 May 1675   John Miller, Eleanor Cozbrook
Richard Yeomans06 Jul 1675   Richard Yeomans, Grace Harris
Ann Jarvis29 Nov 1675 (28 Nov 1675)   Gamaliell Jarvis, Ann [not known]
Mary Page14 Dec 1675   William Page, Mary [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Elizabeth Williams27 Feb 1675/76   Rodger Williams, Elizabeth Porter
Elinor Nursey01 Mar 1675/76   William Nursey, Mary Campion
John Coe20 May 1676   Edward Coe, Martha Sage
William Clarke04 Jun 1676   William Clarke, Martha King
[not known] Rogers (-- 1676)   Samuel Rogers, Jane Gutteridge
[male] Panter (-- 1676)   Anthony Panter, Elizabeth [not known]
John Welford16 Jul 1676   John Welford, Sarah[?] [not known]
Joseph Lole23 Jul 1676   Richard Lole, Mary [not known]
Benjamin Lole23 Jul 1676   Richard Lole, Mary [not known]
William Robins19 Aug 1676   William Robins, Elizabeth [not known]
Robert Loake12 Oct 1676   Thomas Loake, Jane [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
George Haseldine21 Jan 1676/77   William Haseldine, Elizabeth [not known]
Mary East17 Feb 1676/77   Lewis East, Ann Loake
Robert Warr04 Mar 1676/77   Robert Warre, Rachel Atkins
Richard Butlin05 Mar 1676/77   Richard Clarke (supposed father), Sarah Butlin
William Goodman18 Mar 1676/77   William Goodman, Ann [not known]
Mary Chambers24 Mar 1676/77   Humphry Chambers, Mary Davies
Edward Wyman01 Apr 1677   Edward Wyman, Susannah Isoton
Ruth Gutheridge03 May 1677   William Gutteridge, Ruth Manton
Mary Alderman06 May 1677   Richard Alderman, Elizabeth Wyman
Martha Blockley25 Jul 1677   James Blockley, Martha Gabett
Thomas Yeomans25 Aug 1677   Richard Yeomans, Grace Harris
Jane Lenton29 Aug 1677   John Lenton, Mary Walter
Sara Lenton03 Sep 1677   John Lenton, Mary Walter
Frances Jarvis20 Sep 1677 (18 Sep 1677)   Gamaliell Jarvis, Ann [not known]
Elizabeth Page19 Sep 1677   William Page, Mary [not known]
Elizabeth Eagle14 Oct 1677   Edward Eagle, Mary Sage
Elizabeth Nursey18 Nov 1677   William Nursey, Mary Campion
Elizabeth Groocock (--- 1677)   Thomas Groocock, [female] [not known]
Elizabeth Watson18 Dec 1677   Philip Watson, Elizabeth Burdit
Robert Poulton (20 Dec 1677)   Ferdinando Poulton, Julia Garton

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
William Moore15 Jan 1677/78   Robert Moore, Hannah King
Mary Watson20 Jan 1677/78   Gabriel Watson, Elizabeth [not known]
[male] Ginns (Feb 1677/78)   Thomas Ginns
John Miller17 Feb 1677/78   John Miller, Eleanor Cozbrook
Thomas Miller17 Feb 1677/78   John Miller, Eleanor Cozbrook
Thomas Panter27 Feb 1677/78   Thomas Panter, Hannah [not known]
Elizabeth Loake13 Mar 1677/78   Thomas Loake, Jane [not known]
Thomas Iliffe29 May 1678   John Iliffe, Catherine [not known]
George Watson14 Sep 1678   George Watson, Mary [not known]
Charles Woollman17 Sep 1678   Henry Woolman, Phillipa [not known]
Ann Coe21 Sep 1678   Edward Coe, Mary [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Thomas Meddows04 Jan 1678/79   John Meddows, Grace Panter
Thomas Haselden05 Jan 1678/79   William Haseldine, Elizabeth [not known]
[not known] Rogers (Feb? 1678/79)   Samuel Rogers, Jane Gutteridge
James Sewell14 Feb 1678/79   Cornelius Sewell, Sarah Sharp
Robert Lenton24 Feb 1678/79   John Lenton, Mary Walter
William Gutteridge03 Apr 1679   William Gutteridge, Ruth Manton
Alice Panter06 Apr 1679   Thomas Panter, Hannah [not known]
Robert Yeomans09 Apr 1679   Richard Yeomans, Grace Harris
Henry Robinson16 Apr 1679   William Robinson, Elizabeth [not known]
Lewis East21 Apr 1679   Lewis East, Ann Loake
Rachell Warr01 May 1679   Robert Warre, Rachel Atkins
Mary Loake22 May 1679   John Loake, Mary Winsall
Catherine Blockley07 Aug 1679   James Blockley, Martha Gabett
Martha Clarke16 Aug 1679   William Clarke, Martha King
[male] Eagle05 Sep 1679   Edward Eagle, Elizabeth [not known]
Samuel Page06 Sep 1679   William Page, Mary [not known]
[male] Ginns (Oct 1679)   Thomas Ginns
Edward Dainty23 Nov 1679   Edward Dainty, Ann Palmer

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Thomas Wyman01 Jan 1679/80   Edward Wyman, Susannah Isoton
Elizabeth Waples01 Jan 1679/80   John Waples, Dorothy [not known]
[female] Alderman (01 Jan 1679/80)   Richard Alderman
William Nursey18 Jan 1679/80   William Nursey, Mary Campion
Ann Loak24 Jan 1679/80   Thomas Loake, Jane [not known]
Thomas Watson25 Jan 1679/80   George Watson, Mary [not known]
Susannah Barlow25 Jan 1679/80   George Barlow
Robert Brett29 Jan 1679/80   Thomas Brett, Ann [not known]
Philip Watson (21 Feb 1679/80)   Philip Watson, Elizabeth Burdit
[not known] AldermanMar 1679/80   Richard Alderman, Elizabeth Wyman
Richard Chambers04 Mar 1679/80   Humphry Chambers, Mary Davies
Barbara Jarvis14 Mar 1679/80   Gamaliell Jarvis, Ann [not known]
John Smith13 Jun 1680   George Smith, Jane Pane
Thomas Sargeant07 Sep 1680   Henry Serjeant, Catherine [not known]
Isabell Panter02 Oct 1680   Thomas Panter, Hannah [not known]
Hannah Moore09 Dec 1680   Robert Moore, Hannah King
Richard Sewell15 Dec 1680   Richard Sewell

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Mary Robinson07 Jan 1680/81   Richard Robinson, Mary Pridmore
Hannah Lole04 Feb 1680/81   Anthony Lole, Alice Olliver
John Meadows22 Feb 1680/81   John Meddows, Grace Panter
Alice Clarke03 Mar 1680/81   William Clarke, Martha King
John Loake02 Apr 1681   John Loake, Mary Winsall
Robert Woollman20 Apr 1681   Henry Woolman, Phillipa [not known]
[male] Brown20 Apr 1681   Robert Brown, Jane [not known]
Thomas Panter05 May 1681   Anthony Panter, Elizabeth [not known]
Bartin Gutteridge19 May 1681   William Gutteridge, Ruth Manton

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
William Jervis25 May 1682 (20 Apr 1682)   Gamaliell Jarvis, Ann [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Elizabeth Lightfoot19 Feb 1683/84   William Lightfoot, Catherine [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
John Smeeton21 Dec 1685   Edward Smeeton

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Elizabeth Woods24 Feb 1686   Jonathan Woods, Elizabeth [not known]
Robert Clarke16 Apr 1686   Richard Clarke, Susannah [not known]
Anna Porter27 Apr 1686   Thomas Porter, Hannah Seargiant
Elizabeth Biddle20 May 1686   Charles Biddle, Elizabeth [not known]
Sarah Loake26 May 1686   Thomas Loake, Jane [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
George Smith17 Jan 1686/87   George Smith, Jane Pane
Grace Yeomans12 Aug 1687   Richard Yeomans, Grace Harris
Jane Sargant23 Oct 1687   Henry Serjeant, Catherine [not known]
Anne Sargant23 Oct 1687   Henry Serjeant, Catherine [not known]
John Rice26 Nov 1687   John Rice, Elizabeth [not known]
Ann More19 Dec 1687   Robert Moore, Hannah King
Mary [not known]26 Dec 1687   Edward Coe, Hannah [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Ann Watson06 Feb 1687/88   George Watson, Mary [not known]
Thomas Gutteridge20 Feb 1687/88   William Gutteridge, Elizabeth [not known]
John Warr09 Apr 1688   Robert Warre, Rachel Atkins
Benjamin Warr09 Apr 1688   Robert Warre, Rachel Atkins
Catherine Lightfoot12 Apr 1688   William Lightfoot, Catherine [not known]
Thomas Garaine17 Jun 1688   Nathaniel Garaine
Elizabeth Carvill22 Jun 1688   William Carvill, Elizabeth [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Samuel Meddows (01 Jan 1688/89)   John Meddows, Grace Panter
Anne Carvill (09 Nov 1689)   William Carvill, Elizabeth [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Charles Loke17 Jun 1691   John Loake, Mary Winsall
Andrew Morston11 Oct 1691   Thomas Morston, Hannah [not known]
Henry Lenton26 Nov 1691   William Lenton, Ann [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Anne Rose26 Mar 1692   Benjamin Rose, Elizabeth [not known]
John Rigby13 Dec 1692   William Rigby, Grace [not known]
John Steedman25 Dec 1692   Jonathan Steedman, Elizabeth [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
John Harris03 Jan 1692/93   John Harris, Sarah [not known]
Richard King18 Jun 1693   Francis King

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Rebecca Watson10 May 1694 (08 May 1694)   George Watson, Mary [not known]
Jane Lenton09 Jun 1694 (09 May 1694)   William Lenton, Ann [not known]
Henry Smeaton08 Sep 1694 (04 Sep 1694)   Edmund Smeaton, Hannah [not known]
Mary Thompson (30 Oct 1694)   Ferdinando Thompson, Elizabeth [not known]
Anne Rudkin (10 Nov 1694)   Edmund Rudkin, Anne [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
William Sargeant08 Feb 1694/95 (03 Feb 1694/95)   Henry Serjeant, Catherine [not known]
Elizabeth Seargeant08 Feb 1694/95 (03 Feb 1694/95)   Henry Serjeant, Catherine [not known]
Gregory Dobbs (14 Mar 1694/95)   Thomas Dobbs, Ann [not known]
Mary King15 Mar 1694/95   Richard King, Rebecca [not known]
Elizabeth Wright20 Apr 1695 (10 Apr 1695)   , Alice Wright
William Buckby22 Apr 1695 (16 Apr 1695)   William Buckby, Grace [not known]
Samuel Bagley01 May 1695 (29 Apr 1695)   George Bagley, Anne [not known]
Mary Iliffe14 May 1695 (30 Apr 1695)   William Iliffe, Mary [not known]
John Moore09 Jun 1695 (13 May 1695)   Robert Moore, Hannah King
Judith West (23 Dec 1695)   William West, Mary [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Benjamin Smith19 Jan 1695/96   George Smith, Jane Pane
Mary Brooke20 Nov 1696   Richard Brooke, Mary [not known]
James Foster06 Dec 1696   Anthony Foster, Catherine Panter

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Thomas Groocock23 Jan 1696/97   Thomas Groocock, Elizabeth [not known]
William Wallis30 Jan 1696/97   Thomas Wallis, Mary Nursey
Edward Cave03 Feb 1696/97   John Cave, Mary [not known]
Benjamin Rose25 Feb 1696/97   Benjamin Rose, Elizabeth [not known]
Anne Woods28 Feb 1686   Jonathan Woods, Elizabeth [not known]
Mary Cave18 Mar 1696/97   William Cave, Jane East
Eleanor Smith11 Apr 1697   John Smith, Elizabeth Smeaton
Elizabeth West25 --- 1697   William West, Mary [not known]
Ann Smeaton16 Aug 1697   Edmund Smeaton, Hannah [not known]
Mary Groocock-- --- 1697   Thomas Groocock, Elizabeth [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Sarah Page06 Feb 1712/13   Samuel Page, Hannah [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
William Haselden16 Oct 1715   Thomas Haselden, Anne Rose

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Thomas Haselden08 Sep 1717   Thomas Haselden, Anne Rose
Mary Bates01 Nov 1717   John Bates, Elizabeth [not known]
William Cox14 Dec 1717   William Cox, Mary [not known]

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Joseph Cursley19 Sep 1811   Joseph Cursley, Hannah Page

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Alice Maria Coe06 Oct 1869 (May 1869)   Abraham Coe, Kezia March

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
George Thomas Plumb09 Jun 1882 (16 Feb 1871)   George Thomas Plumb, Ann Elizabeth Chater

NameBaptism (Birth)Source TextFather, Mother
Florence Irene Plumb03 Nov 1872   George Thomas Plumb, Ann Elizabeth Chater

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