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St Giles Churchyard

Elizabeth Deacon - monument. Click for larger image in new window

Memory of Elizabeth
Daughter of David and Ann
Deacon who Died Decr 5th 1771
Aged 11 Months

Also of Ann Deacon who Died
Sept 16th 1773 Aged 2 YEARS

Also of Mary Deacon who Died who Died
March 31st 1782 AGED 3 YEARS

Also of Don Deacon who Died
June 12th 1782 Aged 11 Months

Jesus the ancient Faith confirms,
To our great Fathers giv'n;
He takes young Children to his Arms
And calls them Heirs of Heav'n.

David and Ann Deacon had at least six children four of whom, Elizabeth, Ann, Mary and Don, died in childhood or infancy.