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St Giles Churchyard

Rebekah Morris - monument. Click for larger image in new widow

In Memory of
Rebekah y Daughter of Tho
Departed this Life June y 11
1764 Aged 22 Years

Near this Place Lieth Mary y
Daughter of Tho & Elizabeth
Morris who Died December y
6:1761 Aged 35 Years

Mary was born about 1726 and Rebekah some 3 years later.

It seems odd for an earlier death of a child to be added to the bottom of a later memorial. Possibly at the time of the elder daughter's death the family were not able to afford a suitable headstone. Or perhaps there was some trouble or scandal that prevented Mary's grave being suitably marked for several years after her death. It may be significant that their father, Thomas , died after Mary but before Rebekah ...