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St Giles Churchyard

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Memory of


who Departed this Life

13th February 1800

Aged 78 Years

I was with pain so sor[e] prest
It were my in----gth -ways
Made me long for eternall Rest
That never will Decay.


Robert Coals

who Died Dec 2nd 1803

Aged 78 Years

Mans Rest is  -----
Must by his God be ----
And what mine is
His sentence will Decide.

John Coals was the second child of John and Grace Coles. He was baptised in Desborough on 20th November 1721.

Robert Coals was the third child of John and Grace. He was baptised at Desborough on 5th June 1726. Some of the text on the memorial, particularly at the foot, is difficult to make out: the day of Robert's death and his age may not be accurate.