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St Giles Churchyard

John Buckby - monument. Click for larger image in new window

In Memory


Who Died June the 23rd

1770 Aged 77


Mourn not dear friends for my decease
I hope with Christ I've made my peace
Life is uncertain, Death is sure
Sin gave the wound and Christ the cure

John Buckby was born about 1693. He was married to Emm, maiden name not yet known. Together they had seven known children, including Thomas and Ann who were baptised on the same day and were probably twins.

John was a churchwarden in 1725-26, which suggests that he was a man of some standing. One of his sons, William, was a baker who left a bequest whi which is recorded on a panel inside St Giles Church.

Note: This memorial was originally misread as John Bockby. A better photograph has enabled the correction.