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Curiosities from the Parish Register


12 Sep 1571

John Brette, alias 'Father Peter', was buried

01 Jan 1572

[Burial of] Robt Warner - an old man; he was also blind and lead to the church to and fro a great while before he died

01 Jun 1573

Mary Stradling - a poor woman, young and traveling about the country for her living, died and was buried June 1st

28 Nov 1578

[Burial of] Francis s George Shelston - he was aborted

26 Nov 1581

[Burial of] Margery d Richard Wilkinson - base begotten at Braybrooke of what her father's name is I know not
The writer seems to suggest that Richard Wilkinson denied paternity, or was known (by absence or incapacity?) not to have been the father of Margery. Her mother Amy was buried the same day.

13 Nov 1591

George Howes Schoolmayster to mayster Vavyser his children at Rushton rydde to desbr in the evening and was drowned in desbor ryver by the willowes closse there uppon Munday at night betwene the houres of vij and viij of the clocke being the viij of Nov. and his horse sadle and bridle was founde in the willowes closse uppon the friday following the xij day and so he was buryed the satterday following, the xiijth day.

22 Jan 1592/93

Edward Smith - a tale (tall*) man a soldier which came to us from France and from Rothwell conveyed unto us in a cart and lodged by the constables in Thos Tebotte's barn, and the same night he died and was buried the 22nd day

18 Apr 1598

Henry Tebotte (alias Old Father Tebotte; a man 6 score years old by credible report)

13 Nov 1603

[Baptism of] Richard son of Thos Speere, a poor tinker that travelled abroad for his living the father of this child made dwelling here as the mother of this child said      being going about for her living having a sister w.... she was ... of this child at Desborough*

7 Dec 1603

[Burial of] John N., a poor boy that went about the country for his ... born in Ipswich, in the county of Suffolk

12 Mar 1608/09

[Burial of] Jane Hutte - a poor woman's child that went about for her living was buried the 12th day. She died upon her back and she buried her in her .... of ....

03 May 1609

[Burial of] John Williams - a poor maimed man conveyed in carts from town to town from Chelmsford in Essex to Staffordshire died in Desborough and was buried there

15 Jul 1609

Robt Warre & Eliz Watson [were married] : and it rained almost all that day (being St Swithin's Day) and 6 weeks after so that we had 8 great floods in August following: water so cheap* and malt so dear

23 Jun 1615

[Burial of] Libias Walker - an old man; a true day labourer all his time, being 4 score years old

22 Oct 1626

[Burial of] George Watson ; an old man age ca 80; a good & Charitable man to the poor from his beginning to the end

08 Jun 1629

[Burial] On the 4th of June (Thursday) there was a young male child found in the Ash Pitts with two stones tied to it but the murderer thereof was not then known but some suspected and buried (after the coroner had made .....) the 8th of the same month

20 Nov 1631

[Burial of Thomas Alderman, aged 18 months]: Thos s John Alderman; whose mother drowned herself of a Friday night

04 Jun 1637

[Burial]: Francis, whose father & mother & surname are not ..... being but an infant of 6 weeks of age was .... by the mother with one Barbary ..... the woman died at Desborough the 4th of June, Sunday and buried the same day

13 --- 1638

[Burial]: Rosena* Normen, widow who died suddenly the 13th day was buried being Weds, after the Coroner's Inquisition was passed upon her

01 Feb 1638/39

[Burial]: Thomas Hall a mason and Thomas the son being a youth of 12 years of age were both of them slain in a stone pit by the fall of earth at Desborough on the last day of January about sun setting and buried the next day after the coroner's inquest taken both in one grave

11 May 1640

[Burial]: Mary daughter of John Atkins - an innocent maid could neither go nor speak

22 Dec 1641

[Baptism]: William son of Edward & Agnes Goodman - at which time of administration of the sacrament Elizabeth Andrewes the godmother a spinster and being daughter of Richard Andrewe a fiery hot Puritan refused to have the child signed with the sign of the Cross according to the Liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer but ..... ...... not

25 May 1673

Thomas Bayley of Broughton and Jane Faulkner of Thorp Malsor were married one Trinity Munday at which time there were such a flood at Rowell Bridge that the bridegroome and bride and many hundred more faint be caried over. never any saw such a water at the ford. plenty of water little good beere.

13 Oct 1676

Elizabeth the daughter of Joseph Bayley a poore traveller having no abiding came to this[?] town[?] with his family & the infant died in Robert Warr's Barn being ill before .

31 Aug 1678

Elizabeth Haseldine Widdow buried the first that was buried in Wollan according to the late Act of Parliament.

5 May 1678

George Burk of Littleberry near Safforn Waldon in the County of Norforck, coming from Leice Faire Mistaking his way rode into the river & was drowned May the 2nd. And after inquisition made was buried May the 5: 1678.

15 May 1811

A man found in the Brook dead was buried.