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Pulton Memorial

Poulton Memorial full length


The Pulton Memorial combines (top) a monumental inscription for Mrs Mary Pulton and (bottom) a memorial to fourteen generations of the Pulton family.

Close-up views (each opens in a new window):

:- Entire memorial
:- top section Mary Pulton's memorial
:- bottom section Pulton family memorial 


The Beloved Wife of William Pulton Esqr & only Daughter of Robert Smith of Poolthron in the county of Lincoln Gent. She was a Woman of Singular Chastity, Faithful in her Love. Without Deceit, Benevolent, Charitable, & Friendly to all. A Lover of the Poor, a Despiser of the Vanities of the Age, Delighted in Retirement & an Example for Her Sex. After having lived in the Marriage State 44 Years a most Affectionate Wife & tender Mother of nine Children. By a Long and Painful Illness Sufferd with great Patience & Resignation to the Will of God to whom She constantly Adherd. She Departed to Eternal Rest on the 6th of April Anno 1779 Aged 67 Years & 5 Months.

Requiscat in Pace.


Who for Fourteen Generations, were Lords of this Town of Desburgh or Desborough, Descended from Princely, Most Noble, Illustrious, and Holy Progenitors of this Kingdom. Besides this Lordship, they possessed Manours and Lands in Cransley, Kelmersh, Broughton, And Hargrave in this County. They took their Local Name from the Estate about the time of The Conquest. In the reign of King Stephen, Jocelina the Daughter and Heir of Sr. Robert Pulton of Pulton Knt; Married Sr. Alexander Monings Knt, and carried that Estate into his Family. John Pulton the first of that Name, Lord of this Town was Seated at Cransley and about the 40th of King Edward the 3d anno 1367 Married Jane de Desburgh Daughter and Heir of John de Desburgh, Lord of this Town of Desburgh Whose Ancestor took his Local Name from this Place. His Great Grandfather Richard de Desburgh, about anno 1220 Married Amicia de Costentein Daughter and Heir of Richard de Costentein, Who possessed Lands in Hargrave in the reign of King Henry the 2d. The Pultons Inhabited this Town for about 370 years and as the Chief of them are Buried in this Church, have placed this Short account, in Memory of my Forefathers and to Excite all to an Imitation of their Virtues.

Requiescat in Pace.