Bertram Brattle: Military Records, 1890-1902

(7 years with the Colors, and 5 in the Reserve)

note: all edges of the originals are damaged; "..." indicates missing text

                                    Name: Bertram Brattle Corps: 4th Dragoon Guards
Joined at: Dublin
On:         26th November 18..
Questions to be put to the Recruit before Enlistment
1. What is your name?Bertram Brattle
2. In or near what Parish or Town were you born?Norwood
3. Are you a British Subject?Yes
4. What is your age?19 years 5 months
5. What is your Trade or Calling?Labourer
6. Have you resided out of your Father's house for three years continuously in the same place or land of the yearly value of £10 for 1 year, and paid rates for the same, and, in either case, if so, state where? No
You are hereby warned that if after enlistment it is found that you have given a wilfully false answer to any of the following eight questions, you will be liable to a punishment of two years imprisonment with hard labour.
7. Are you, or have you been, an Apprentice? if so, where? to whom? and for what period?No
8. Are you Married?No
9. Have you ever been sentenced to Imprisonment by the civil power? No
10. Do you now belong to Her Majesty's Army, the Marines, the Militia, the Militia Reserve, the Royal Navy, the Volunteers, the Naval Artillery Volunteers, the Army Reserve, or the Naval Reserve Force? If so, to what corps?Yes, 1st Tower Hamlets .......
11. Have you ever served in Her Majesty's Army, the Marines, the Militia, the Militia Reserve, of the Royal Navy? If so, state which and cause of discharge?No
12. Have you ever been discharged from any part of Her Majesty's forces, with Ignominy, or as Incorrigible and Worthless, or on account of conviction of felony, or of a sentence of penal servitude, or have you been dismissed with disgrace from the Navy.No
13. Have you truly stated the whole, if any of your previous service? Yes
14. Have you ever been rejected as unfit for Her Majesty's service? If so, on what grounds?No
15. Are you willing to be vaccinated or revaccinatedYes
16. For what Corps are you willing to be enlisted? or are you willing to be enlisted for General Service?4th Dragoon Guards
17. Did you receive a Notice, and do you understand its meaning, and who gave it to you?Yes, Sergt McCa....
4th D Gds
18. Are you willing to serve upon the following conditions provided Her Majesty should so long require your services?
(a) For the term of Twelve, for the first Seven years in Army Service and for the remaining five years in the First Class of the Army Reserve, or if, at the termination of such period of Army Service, you are serving beyond the seas, then for the first Eight years in Army Service and for the remaining four years in the first class of the Army Reserve.
(b) If, at the expiration of the above-mentioned term of Army Service, whether of seven or eight years, a state of war exists, then, if so directed by the competent Military Authority, to serve in Army Service for a further period not exceeding 12 months

I, Bertram Brattle do solemnly declare that the above answers made by me to the above questions are true, and that I am willing to fulfil the engagements made.
M Scott Sergt ..............


I Bertram Brattle do make Oath, that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will, as in duty bound, honestly and faithfully defend Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, in Person, Crown and Dignity against all enemies, and will observe and obey all orders of Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, and of the Generals and Officers set over me, so help me God.


The Recruit above-named was cautioned by me that if he made any false armour to any of the above questions he would be liable to be punished as provided in the Army Act.
The above questions were then read to the recruit in my presence.
I have taken care that he understands each question, and that his answer to each question has been duly entered as replied to, and the said recruit has made and signed the oath before me at London on this 24 day of November 1890


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