Bertram Brattle: Military Records, 1890-1902


1. Service at home and abroad (including former service of re-enlisted men, when allowed to reckon towards G.C.Pay or Pensions)

Home 24 Nov 9011.9.943 292
India12.9.9428.12.944 108
Home29.12.987.2.001 41
South Africa8.2.0025.6.022 138
Home26.6.0223.11.02  151
   12 years
2. Educated atRoyal Hibernian Military School √
3. Certificates of education2nd class 
4. Passed Classes of InstructionsNil 
5. CampaignsNorth West Frontier of India 1897-98 Tirah 1897-98

South Africa 1899-1901
6. WoundedNo 
7. Effects of WoundsNil 
8. Special Instances of gallant conductNil  
9. Medals, decorations and annuitiesSouth Africa 1 
10. Deferred Pay issued  
11. Deferred Pay refunded  
12. Name and address of next of kin13. to whom married and place and date14. Date of being placed on Married Establishment 15. Names of children and dates and places of birth
Father Arthur Brattle
3 White's Court, Bermondsey, Surrey FGL
Wife as


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