Gladys Brattle

School Board for London

Broadwater School*, Wandsworth

Admission and discharge register for infants

Admission Number 1965
Date of Admission or Re-Admission 15.4.07
Name in Full Brattle, Gladys
Name of Parent or Guardian Bertram
Address 20 Gilbey Road
Is exemption from Religious Teaching claimed  
Date of Birth 23.4.03

Last School Attended   None
Highest Standard and Stage of Specifics there presented in R.
Date of Leaving   6.9.07
Cause of Leaving, and remarks   Removal
Date when removal of name was notified to Visitor on back of Duplicate Register   6.9.07
Date of Presentation in successive Standards and Stages of Specifics in this School    


Note: * Broadwater School, opened in 1904 as Broadwater Road School, renamed in 1930. It became Gatton Primary School in 1950