Henry Brattle (born 1820)

from: Register of Clerks in the Service of the Great Western Railway

Name, Address, & Date of Entering Company's Service Brattle, Henry
Age 21
Commencing Salary 60/-


Date Department At what Station Increased Salary
Dec 1841 Booking Paddington Dec 1841  70/-
Mar 1842 Booking Cirencester Jun 1842   80/-
  Booking Hanwell Sep 1843  90/-
Jul 1847 100/-
Oct 1852 Booking Wallingford Oct 1852 110/-
Apr 1854 Booking Windsor Apr 1854 120/-
Jul 1855 Booking Solihull    
May 1856 Booking Banbury    


Name and Residence of Sureties Revd H J Howlett, 9 Young St, Kensington
E. Balfour Esq, Lincolns Inn Fields
Date, and Cause of Leaving the Company's Service Resigned July 1858


One of Henry's sureties was the Revd John Henry Howlett, his uncle. Howlett was married to Mary Brattle the younger sister of Robert Brattle, Henry's father.

Henry's other surety, Edmund Belfour, was his uncle on his late mother's side. Edmund Belfour was the secretary to the Royal College of Surgeons