William Kirtley (born 1839)

(see also: MICE form A, Railway Employment Record)

Form F


I, the undersigned, being ELECTEDMember

of THE INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS, do hereby promise that I will be governed by the Royal Charter of the Institution, and by the Bye-Laws and Regulations of the said Institution, as they are now formed, or as they may hereafter be altered, amended, or enlarged, under the powers of the said Charter; and I promise to promote the objects of the said Institution, as far as shall be in my power, and to attend the Meetings thereof, as often as I conveniently can. Provided that whenever I shall signify, in writing, to the Secretary for the time being, that I am desirous of withdrawing my name therefrom, I shall (after the payment of any arrears which may be due by me at that period) be free from this obligation.

I also engage to present to the Institution an Original Communication, Drawing, Plan, or Model of Engineering Interest, or some scientific Work for the Library, within the space of twelve months from the date of my election.

Witness my hand, this  11th  day of  March  1875

William Kirtley