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Frank Henry Catley


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   1838 1.0 Frank Henry Catleymale
No marriage with Sarah Wood traced so far, and if there was it was bigamous
1845 Father: Robert Catley (born about 1798 at Colne, Lancashire ) Census
1846 Mother: Ann [not known] (born about 1801 ) Census
Birth: 21 Jun 1835, at School Close, Leeds, YorkshireInd. Records
Baptism: 15 Nov 1835 at Queen Street (formerly Whitehall Chapel), Leeds, YorkshireInd. Records
Death: 18 Mar 1898, at Jericho Institution, Bury Workhouse, Bury, Lancashire, age: 62y. Workhouse

Married: (1) Elizabeth Wood  at Buslingthorpe, Yorkshire 26 Dec 1859Parish Reg
b. about 1832, at Harewood, Yorkshire

   18432.1 Maria Catleyfemale
Birth: 09 Jun 1860, at 110 Park Lane, Leeds, YorkshireParish Reg
Baptism: 28 Oct 1860 at St Andrews, Leeds, YorkshireParish Reg

Additional information: Baptism Record 

Census Details: 1861 1871 1881

   18442.2 Kate Aubrey Catley   also known as Kate Ambely Catleyfemale
Birth: about 1864, at Leeds, YorkshireBMD

Census Details: 1871 1881 1891

Married: (2) Sarah Ann Wood 
b. about 1849, at Loughton, Essex  d. 1888, at Bury, Lancashire, age: 39y

Census Details: 1851 1861 1871 1881

   18392.3 Maud Jessie Catleyfemale
Birth: 25 Jan 1875, at Bury, LancashireContact

Census Details: 1881 1891 1901 1911
Married: Joseph Senior  1899BMD
b. about 1874, at Brockholes, Yorkshire

Census Details: 1881 1891 1901 1911

   43543.1 Jessie Seniorfemale
Birth: about 1904, at Leeds, YorkshireCensus

Census Details: 1911

   43553.2 Arthur Seniormale
Birth: about 1906, at Leeds, YorkshireCensus

Census Details: 1911

   43563.3 Edith Seniorfemale
Birth: about 1908, at Leeds, YorkshireCensus

Census Details: 1911

   43622.4 Frank Wood Catleymale
Family record shows his name as Frank Henry Catley, killed at five months, but the only matching BMD is for Frank Wood Catley
Birth: about 1877, at Bury, LancashireBMD
Death: 1877, age: 0. BMD

   18402.5 Ada Bertha Catleyfemale
Family record gives date of birth as 10 May 1877, but this is likely to be an error for 1878 (see also Frank Wood Catley)
Birth: 1878, at Bury, LancashireBMD

Census Details: 1881 1891 1901 1911
Married: Charles Edward Fewell  1904BMD
b. about 1879, at Chipping Ongar, Essex

Census Details: 1911

   18412.6 George Storey Catleymale
Birth: 23 Jul 1880, at Bury, LancashireContact

Census Details: 1881

   43582.7 Blanche Catleyfemale
Birth: 17 Jun 1882, at Bury, LancashireContact

Census Details: 1901 1911

   43592.8 Ruth Emma Catley   also known as Nellie Starkfemale
Death appears in BMD under both names with identical birth dates and reference codes
Adoptive parents William Henry and Alice Stark
Birth: 27 Sep 1884, at Bury, LancashireContact
Death: 1975, age: 91y. BMD

Census Details: 1891 1911

   43602.9 Mary Ann Catleyfemale
Birth: 17 July 1887, at Bury, LancashireBMD

   43612.10 Edward Grube Catleymale
Named after German boarder staying with the family at the time of the 1881 census?
Birth: 17 July 1887, at Bury, Lancashire (source reads 'Catley, Edward')BMD



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