Family History: Francis Edward Foster and Lilian Alice Moyise

Diamond Wedding Anniversary


Sixty years in Harmony

MRS. Lilian Foster (81), can still remember the piano tune she was playing when she first met her future husband, Edward, over 60 years  ago.

She was playing "The Maiden's Prayer" on the piano at her home in Clapham, London, when Edward popped in to tell the family that her brother, who had been taken ill during the first world war was recovering in an Indian Hospital.

Edward was so captivated by the tune that he asked to see Lilian again. They courted for just over a year and married at Camberwell Register Office, in the London borough where Edward was born and raised.


Mr. and Mrs. Foster, who live at Cantley Close, Aylesbury, celebrated their diamond wedding on Saturday with a surprise party organised by their daughter, Mrs. Pam Bennett, at her home at 77 Elmhurst Rod, Aylesbury.

The Fosters had no idea that a party would be arranged although they had a vague idea that a small celebration might be held because their children always remembered their wedding anniversaries. One of their grand-daughters asked them to go for a quiet drink and before they knew it they were at a party attended by about 25 relatives and friends.


Mr. Foster, had just returned from fighting in the first world war when he met Lilian. He served with the 8th Cheshire Regiment in France, the Dardanelles, Mesopotamia and Egypt and was wounded three times but not seriously.

Before being called up he worked as a painter and decorator and he returned to his old employer after being demobbed. He worked with the same firm of painters and decorators in south London for 41 years, and was involved mainly in the painting of shop signs.

Mrs. Foster did not work because she stayed at home to look after their two daughters and only son at their home in Clapham. Their son now lived in north Wales and the other daughter lives in Harrow, north London. They have six grandchildren.


Mr. Foster, now 89, said he was always in work before retiring 20 years ago, except for a period during the depression of the 1930s. He did have a job during the depression but gave it up after a group of demonstrators tried to shake him from the top of the ladder on which he was working.

The couple moved to Aylesbury on Mr. Foster's retirement, and although they are still independent their daughter Pam, who runs a newsagent's shop nearby, always visits their bungalow to make sure they have no problems.


Sixty years of marriage is a great achievement, and Mr. Foster said they had not come close to parting during all that time. "We have always listened to one another and we do not try to boss each other," he said.

His wife added: "We have three wonderful children and always stick together. We share everything and we still love each other."