Bequests: Miss Gertrude Evelyn Ward-Fox

MISS GERTRUDE EVELYN WARD-FOX, of Bramhope Torquay, who died on March 4th, daughter of the late Major Ward-Fox, of Haddon House, Bakewell, left estate of the gross value of £41,858, with net personalty £41,266. Miss Ward-Fox left £200 each to the Torbay Hospital, the Western Hospital, Torquay, and £100 each to the Rose Hill Hospital, Torquay, and the Church Army; and subject to pecuniary legacies to relatives and other amounting to about £3,200, and subject to bequests of jewelry, pictures, &c., she left a reversion, after a life interest, to two-thirds of the residue of her property and on the failure of certain trusts, the other third to a number of charitable institutions. The absolute reversion would appear to amount to over £20,000, while the reversion contingent on the failure of the trusts appears to amount to a further £10,000.

The Times, Monday, Nov 10, 1919; pg. 17; Issue 42253; col E