Death Certificate

Registration District Wandsworth

 1927 Death in the Sub-District of East Battersea in the County of London

NoWhen and Where Died Name and Surname Sex Age Rank or Profession Cause of Death Signature, Description and Residence of Informant When RegisteredSignature of Registrar
 295  Twenty third July 1927
 38 Tyneham Road
John Moyise Male 81 years Formerly a Hall Porter  1(a) Arterio Sclerosis
 (b) Senile Decay
 Certified by FH Whitehead M.R.C.S
 No P.M.
L.A. Foster, daughter,
 Present at Death
 25 Tyneham Road, Battersea
 Twenty fifth July 1927  W.S.L.Bray

L A Foster, who reported the death, was John's daughter Lilian, now married to Francis Edward Foster.