Marriage Certificate

1895 Marriage solemnized at St Andrews Church in the Parish of Lambeth in the County of London

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NoWhen marriedName and surnameAge ConditionRank or profession Residence at the time of marriageFather's name and surname Rank or profession of father
316 January
Edward Ernest Potter 27 Bachelor Carman 46 Ethelin[?] Street Charles PotterDeceased
Lavinia Isabel Jewson 19Spinster --- 46 Ethelin[?] Street Alfred JewsonPrinter

Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns by me Geo F Powys

This marriage was solemnized
between us,
Edward Ernest Potterin the presence
of us,
Henry O Ibbott
Lavinia Isabel Jewson Lucy Beamont