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Frederick Coe
Military Records


Frederick Coe was born in Desborough about 1854. He was illiterate when he entered the army in 1873, but was able to sign his name when he was discharged in 1877.

He is believed to be Frederick Johnson Coe, the son of John Coe of Desborough and Esther Johnson of Rothwell. His middle name is not used in the army records and he is described as a labourer, whereas the census records describe him as a shoe finisher. However, I've not found another Frederick Coe born around 1854 at Desborough, and Frederick Johnson Coe died at the early age of 44, which would be consistent with the medical history shown in these army records.

In 1882 Fred married Mary, widow of Robert Rick. Mary's maiden name was Coe and she was also born at Desborough, though there is no connection between these two Coe families at least as far back as the 1780s.