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Horace Coe
Military Records

Statement of the Services of No. 10513

Corps in which served Regt.
Promotions, Reductions,
Casualties, &c. 
Dates Service not
allowed to reckon
for fixing the
rate of Pension
Service in
Reserve not
allowed to reckon
towards G. C. Pay
Signature of Officers
years days years days  
Service towards limited engagement reckons from 29.8.14
Joined at Lincoln on 29.8.14
Lincolnshire Regt6th Attested Pte 29.8.14         Espelter
   -"-Depot Posted Pte 30.8.14         R Hawkins
   -"-6 Bn Promoted Corporal 6.9.14         .... Major
   -"- 6 Bn Posted Corporal 6.9.14         .... Major
    -"-6 Bn Appointed (with Pay)
(VICE Trowbridge)
Lce Sgt 23.12.14         J L Dewhurst ....
    -"-6 Bn Promoted
(Vice Toogood)
Sergt 19.1.15         .... Bt Major
    -"-6 Died of G.S.W. Chest & Abdomen on board H.M.H.S. "Soudan" Sgt 18.12.15         ...., Capt.
Total Service towards Engagement to 12/12/15 (date of death) 1 year 112 days

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