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John Sharman Burditt
Military Records


No.  3308 Pte John S Burditt  referred to in the preceding pages, by Trade a Weaver

was born in the Parish of Desborough,  near the Town of Desborough, in the County of Northamptonshire

and attested for the  Military Train   Regt  at Crandsley in the County of  Northampton

on the  11th October 1860, at the Age of 18 Years  

His final description, &c., when discharged from the Service, at           this       day of     18

Age   25 Years & 5 Months

Height      Feet    4   Inches

Complexion   Fair

Eyes    Brown

Hair     Red

Trade   Weaver

Marks or Scars upon the face, or other parts of the body  Nil

Intended Place of Residence  Desborough Northamptonshire

G48001  Cont.  A 22 to Re[?] W. Wilson  PCofS&P retd  16.11.09

G48842  Cont.  A 44 to Do. Do.                                    20.11.09

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