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John Sharman Burditt
Military Records

Proceedings for ... recording the Services, Conduct, Character, and cause of Discharge, 1868

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  3. Page 3, medical report
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John Sharman Burditt was born at Desborough early 1844, the eldest son of William Burditt and Alice Sharman and the third of their nine children.

He attested for the army on 11th October 1860, apparently giving his age as 18 (he was only 16). He was invalided out in 1868 because of chronic bronchitis, returning home not long after his father died.

In 1871 John married Eliza Foster. They appear to have had no children, and John died at the young age of 38. The remains of his memorial are still visible at St Giles churchyard, Desborough.

Burditt's military service, including over 3 years in New Zealand, was in the "Military Train", a corps which I had not come across before. Formerly called the "Land Transport Corps", later the "Army Service Corps", its functions are now part of the "Royal Logistics Corps". See Wikipedia's article on the Royal Army Service Corps for more information.