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John Essex

NameJohn Essex     descendant tree, etc
FatherJohn Essex
MotherMary [not known]
Bornabout 1823  (source: England & Wales Census)
Died29 Oct 1887  at Rothwell, Northamptonshire  age c. 64y  (source: National Probate Index)

1841 Census : Rothwell, Northamptonshire
Bridge StCensus date: 6 June 1841
NameM.F.OccupationBorn in County?Birth CountryInfo.
John Essex50 Baker Yes
Mary Essex 50 Yes
William Essex20 Yes
Kitty Essex 15 Yes
Elizabeth Essex 13 Yes
Charles Essex10 Yes
John Essex15 Yes

1851 Census: Desborough
151High Street, King's ArmsCensus date: 30 March 1851
Jane EssexHead Widow 28 Baker & Inn KeeperMiddleton  Northamptonshire
Elizabeth Essexdaur 4 ScholarDesborough 
John EssexBrother-in-law U 28 Baker JourneymanRothwell  Northamptonshire
John EssexSon 3 Desborough 
Ann RoeServant U 18 House ServantRothwell  Northamptonshire

1861 Census: Desborough
28King's ArmsCensus date: 7 April 1861
Jane EssexHead Widow 38 Baker & VictuallerMiddleton  Northamptonshire
Mary Elizabeth EssexDaur Un 15 Desborough 
John EssexSon Un 12 ScholarDesborough 
John EssexBrother-in-law Un 38 BakerRothwell  Northamptonshire
Mary YeomansServant Un 17 House ServantDesborough 
Anny IngramVisitor Un 15 Middleton  Northamptonshire
Ann Ingram was Jane's niece, daughter of her sister Lucy

1871 Census : Rothwell, Northamptonshire
22High StCensus date: 2 April 1871
John EssexHead Mar 81 Baker, Licenced VictuallerRothwell  Northamptonshire
Mary EssexWife Mar 80 Reasby  Leicestershire
John EssexSon Unm 46 Baker &cRothwell 
Anne EssexDaur Unm 42 Rothwell 

1881 Census

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