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Sarah Ann Coe

NameSarah Ann Coe     descendant tree, etc
FatherGeorge Coe
MotherSarah Panter
Bornabout 1858  (source: England & Wales Census)
Married William Hall 
Died15 Sep 1903  at Desborough  age 46y  (source: The Northampton Mercury)

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census: Desborough
53Toll GateCensus date: 7 April 1861
George CoeHead Mar 38 Silk WeaverDesborough 
Sarah CoeWife Mar 37 DressmakerDesborough 
Joshua CoeSon Un 16 ? Silk WeaverDesborough 
Ebenezer CoeSon 11 Agricultural LabourerDesborough 
Sarah Ann CoeDaur 3 Desborough 

1871 Census: Desborough
60High StreetCensus date: 2 April 1871
George CoeHead Mar 48 Shoe WarehousemanDesborough 
Sarah CoeWife Mar 47 DressmakerDesborough 
Sarahann CoeDaur 13 Shoe MachineDesborough 

1881 Census: Desborough
92Buckle StreetCensus date: 3 April 1881
William HallHead Mar 22 Shoe ClickerAshley Magna  Leicestershire
Sarah A HallWife Mar 23 Shoe MachinistDesborough 
Fred HallSon 2 Desborough 
Mary HallDaur 20d Desborough 

1891 Census: Desborough
116High StreetCensus date: 1 April 1891
William HallHead M 32 Shoe Trade ClickerAshby Magna  Leicestershire
Sarah A HallWife M 33 Desborough 
Emma HallDaur 14 Shoe Trade MachinistDesborough 
Fred HallSon 12 Shoe Trade ClickerDesborough 
Annie HallDaur 8 ScholarDesborough 
Ellen HallDaur 7 ScholarDesborough 
Sarah HallDaur 4 ScholarDesborough 
Elizabeth HallDaur 2 Desborough 
Caroline HallDaur 9m Desborough 

1901 Census: Desborough
47Station Rd no. 11Census date: 31 March 1901
William HallHead M 42 Clicker Boot Trade, workerAshby Magna  Leicestershire
Sarah A HallWife M 43 Desborough 
Emma HallDaur S 24 Corset Machinist, workerDesborough 
Fred HallSon S 22 Boot Clicker, workerDesborough 
Annie HallDaur S 18 Boot Fitter, workerDesborough 
Ellen HallDaur S 16 Corset Machinist, workerDesborough 
Sarah HallDaur S 14 Corset Machinist, workerDesborough 
Elizabeth HallDaur S 12 Desborough 
Caroline HallDaur S 10 Desborough 
Alice HallDaur 6 Desborough 
George HallBoarder S 20 Gardener Market, workerBirmingham  Warwickshire

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