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Charles Sharman Berridge

NameCharles Sharman Berridge     descendant tree, etc
NoteNo marriage has been traced yet for Charles and Adelaide, but they are shown as the parents of Charles Francis in his baptism record
Married Adelaide Clarke nee Rowe 

1841 Census

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1911 Census : Desborough
131Paddock Lane no. 54Census date: 2 April 1911
Charles S BerridgeHead 31 Drayman Midland RailwayCatsworth  Huntingdonshire
Adelaide Clark Marr 37 Leicester 
Edith Clark S 17 Corset HandLoughb oro 
Charles F Berridge 6 Desbro 
Hilda M A Berridge 1 Desbro 
The form was signed by A Clark. No relationships are given. The 'condition' of the elder Charles is not given.

1939 Census

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