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Hilda M A Berridge

NameHilda M A Berridge     descendant tree, etc
NoteHer parentage is an assumption from the 1911 census and Charles Francis' baptism record
FatherCharles Sharman Berridge
MotherAdelaide Rowe
Bornabout 1910  (source: England & Wales Census)

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1911 Census : Desborough
131Paddock Lane no. 54Census date: 2 April 1911
Charles S BerridgeHead 31 Drayman Midland RailwayCatsworth  Huntingdonshire
Adelaide Clark Marr 37 Leicester 
Edith Clark S 17 Corset HandLoughb oro 
Charles F Berridge 6 Desbro 
Hilda M A Berridge 1 Desbro 
The form was signed by A Clark. No relationships are given. The 'condition' of the elder Charles is not given.

1939 Census

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