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William Edward Cave

NameWilliam Edward Cave     descendant tree, etc
FatherWilliam Cave
MotherElizabeth Haddon
Married Alice Kew Van 

1841 Census

1851 Census : Rugby, Warwickshire
27Lawrence Sherriff St no. 15Census date: 30 March 1851
Elizabeth CaveHead Wid 45 AnnuitantLong Itchington  Warwickshire
Lewis CaveSon Un 18 ScholarDesborough 
Elizabeth CaveDaur 11 ScholarDesborough 
William E CaveSon 8 Scholar at homeDesborough 
George L CaveSon 6 Scholar at homeDesborough 
Elizabeth BainesServ Un 17 House ServDesborough 
Lydia NortonServ Un 26 House ServOld  Northamptonshire

1861 Census: Desborough
120High StreetCensus date: 7 April 1861
Elizabeth CaveHead Widow 55 AnnuitantLong Itchington  Warwickshire
Elizabeth CaveDaur Un 21 Fund HolderDesborough 
William E CaveSon Un 18 Articles Clerk to SolicitorDesborough 
George Louis CaveSon 16 Desborough 
Arthur W CaveGd Son 3 St Johns Wood  London
Edith CaveGd Daur 2 St Johns Wood  London
Mary Ann GinnsServant Un 43 General ServantDesborough 
Mary LuletServant Y 21 NurseBrighton  Sussex

1871 Census : Little Bowden, Leicestershire
13Northampton RoadCensus date: 2 April 1871
Elizabeth CaveHead Wid 65 AnnuitantItchington  Warwickshire
William Edward CaveSon 28 Attorney at LawDesborough 
Sarah AdnittServ Unm 16 HousemaidBrixworth  Northamptonshire
Anne CookServ Unm 23 CookBrixworth  Northamptonshire

1881 Census : Bowden, Cheshire
37How Bank no. No. 2Census date: 3 April 1881
William E CaveHead Mar 38 SolicitorDesborough 
Alice Kew CaveWife Mar 34 Greenwich  Kent
Ernest L CaveSon 8 ScholarMarket Harborough  Leicestershire
Margaret CaveDaur 6 under tuition at homeMarket Harborough 
William W CaveSon 2 under tuition at homeAltrincham  Cheshire
Harriet AtkinsServ Unm 26 Nursery GovernessSpilsby  Lincolnshire
Elizabeth ShawServ Unm 19 Gen ServantHale  Cheshire

1891 Census : Oxton, Cheshire
51Fairview Rd no. 29Census date: 1 April 1891
William Edward CaveHead M 48 SolicitorDesborough 
Alice Kew CaveWife Mar 46 Greenwich  Kent
Ernest Lydford CaveSon S 18 Student of EngineeringMarket Harborough  Leicestershire
Margaret CaveDaur S 16 ScholarMarket Harborough 
William Wilfred CaveSon 12 ScholarBowden  Cheshire
Jane Elizabeth MarshallServ S ? Housemaid  Scotland

1901 Census : Bromborough, Cheshire
25Fairoaks. Allport LaneCensus date: 31 March 1901
William E CaveHead M 58 County Court RegistrarDesborough 
Alice K CaveWife M 56 Greenwich  Kent
Margaret CaveDaur S 26 Market Harborough 
William W CaveSon S 22 Art StudentBowdon  Cheshire
Alice FernandezServ S 18 CookSeacombe  Cheshire
Mary J CookeServ S 34 HousemaidLiverpool  Lancashire

1911 Census : Birkenhead, Cheshire
208Charlesville. ClaughtonCensus date: 2 April 1911
William Edward CaveHead M 68 County Court RegistrarDesborough 
Alice Kew CaveWife M 66 Greenwich  Kent
Margaret CaveDaur S 36 Teacher of Music, Own account, at homeMarket Harborough 
Sarah Hannah NicholasServ S 16 HousemaidRyton  Shropshire

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