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William Cheney

NameWilliam Cheney     descendant tree, etc
NoteWilliam and his sister Maria Ann married sister and brother Mary and Frederick Kilborn
FatherWilliam Cheney
MotherMary Ann Willis
Bornabout 1842  (source: England & Wales BMD Indexes)
Married Mary Kilborn 
Died31 Jan 1925   age 82y  (source: Monumental Inscription, photograph available)
Buried  at Harrington, Northamptonshire  (source: Monumental Inscription)

1841 Census

1851 Census: Desborough
262Loatland Wood, Cheney's LodgeCensus date: 30 March 1851
William CheneyHead Marr 42 Farmer of 147 acres, 5 labourersRushton  Northamptonshire
Mary A CheneyWife Marr 34 Thorpe Malzor  Northamptonshire
William Cheneyson 9 Harrington  Northamptonshire
Henry W Cheneyson 7 Son of FarmerHarrington  Northamptonshire
Ann M Cheneydaur 12 ScholarHarrington  Northamptonshire
Maria A Cheneydaur 5 ScholarHarrington  Northamptonshire
Richard B Cheneyson 2 Desborough 
Hannah YorkServant U 16 General ServantWold  Northamptonshire
Lewis KnightServant U 19 General ServantLittle Addington  Northamptonshire
Thomas HaleServant U 16 General ServantHarrington  Northamptonshire

1861 Census: Desborough
98High Street, LodgeCensus date: 7 April 1861
William CheneyHead Un 19 FarmerHarrington  Northamptonshire
Ann M CheneySister Un 22 HousekeeperHarrington  Northamptonshire
Richard B CheneyBrother Un 12 Desborough 
Mary M Cheney 6 Desborough 
Thomas ChambersServant Un 19 Farndon  Northamptonshire
Elizabeh A CoxServant Un 18 Faxton  Northamptonshire

1871 Census : Aldwickle, Northamptonshire
127Census date: 2 April 1871
William CheneyHead Mar 28 Farmer of 370 acres Employing 7 men & 3 boysHarrington  Northamptonshire
John ThorpeServ Mar 56 LabDesborough 
Ann OtanServt Unm 15 General ServLowick  Northamptonshire

1881 Census : Harrington, Northamptonshire
12Farm HouseCensus date: 3 April 1881
William CheneyHead Mar 39 Farmer (253 acres) Employing 8[?] men, 1 boyHarrington  Northamptonshire
Mary CheneyWife Mar 33 Ashley  Northamptonshire
Kate CheneyDaur 9 ScholarAldwinkle  Northamptonshire
William Robert CheneySon 8 ScholarAldwinkle  Northamptonshire
Richard Blunsom CheneySon 5 ScholarAldwinkle  Northamptonshire
William Willis CheneySon 1 ScholarHarrington  Northamptonshire
Emma Wright Un 17 General ServantStoke Albany  Northamptonshire

1891 Census : Harrington, Northamptonshire
1Farm HouseCensus date: 1 April 1891
William CheneyHead Mar 49 FarmerHarrington  Northamptonshire
Mary CheneyWife Mar 43 Ashley  Northamptonshire
Emily K CheneyDaur S 19 Aldwinkle  Northamptonshire
William R CheneySon S 18 Aldwinkle  Northamptonshire
Richard B CheneySon S 15 Aldwinkle  Northamptonshire
William W CheneySon 11 Harrington  Northamptonshire
Frederick E CheneySon 7 Harrington  Northamptonshire
Cecilia CheneyDaur 4 Harrington  Northamptonshire
Sarah LaytonServant S 18 ServantRepton  Leicestershire

1901 Census : Harrington, Northamptonshire
1Census date: 31 March 1901
William CheneyHead Mar 59 FarmerHarrington  Northamptonshire
Mary CheneyWife Mar 55 Ashley  Northamptonshire
William Robert CheneySon S 28 Farmer's SonAldwinckle  Northamptonshire
Cecelia CheneyDaur S 14 ScholarHarrington  Northamptonshire

1911 Census

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