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Charlotte Elizabeth Annie Slow

NameCharlotte Elizabeth Annie Slow     descendant tree, etc
FatherWilliam Slow
MotherCharlotte Liner
Married George Yeomans 

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

1871 Census : Ecton, Northamptonshire
44Worlds End Inn. Turnpike RdCensus date: 2 April 1871
William SlowHead Mar 40 Farmer and Inn Keeper. 30 acres, 2 men, 3 boysNorthampton  Northamptonshire
Charlotte SlowWife Mar 34 Rothwell  Northampshire
Charlotte E A SlowDaur 7 ScholarEcton  Northampshire
William T L SlowSon 5 ScholarEcton 
Sarah A S SlowDaur 3 Ecton 
Charles H SlowSon 1 Ecton 
n.k. SlowDaur 1m Ecton 

1881 Census : Thorpe Malsor, Northamptonshire
3Farm HouseCensus date: 3 April 1881
William SlowHead Mar 50 Farmer 254a, employing 6 men, 2 boysNorthampton  Northamptonshire
Charlotte SlowWife Mar 45 Rothwell  Northampshire
Annie SlowDaur Un 17 Assistant in houseEcton  Northampshire
William SlowSon Un 15 Assistant on farmEcton 
Sarah SlowDaur 13 ScholarEcton 
Charles SlowSon 11 ScholarEcton 
Edith SlowDaur 10 ScholarEcton 
Louisa SlowDaur 8 ScholarEcton 
Emily SlowDaur 6 ScholarEcton 
John SlowSon 4 ScholarEcton 

1891 Census: Desborough
141King Street no. 4Census date: 1 April 1891
George YeomansHead M 33 Shoe Factory ManagerDesborough 
Charlotte E A YeomansWife M 27 Ecton  Northamptonshire
George S YeomansSon 8m Desborough 

1901 Census: Desborough
59Station Rd no. 69Census date: 31 March 1901
George YeomansHead M 43 Manager Boot FactoryDesborough 
Charlotte E A YeomansWife M 37 Ecton  Northamptonshire
George S YeomansSon 10 Desborough 
Frederick C YeomansSon 7 Desborough 
William H YeomansSon 5 Desborough 

1911 Census : Northampton, Northamptonshire
216Arthur Street no. 34Census date: 2 April 1911
George YeomansHead M 53 Manager Boot Factory, DisengagedDesborough 
Charlotte Elizabeth Annie YeomansWife Mar 21y
  born: 3
  living: 3
47 Ecton  Northamptonshire
George Slow YeomansSon S 20 Shop Porter, Chemists, WorkerDesborough 
Frederick Charles YeomansSon S 17 Assistant, House Furnishing, WorkerDesborough 
William Herbert YeomansSon S 15 Errand Boy, Florist, WorkerDesborough 

1939 Census

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